Festival in Jerge-Tal on 17th of June

Dear, friends!
June 17, in the Naryn oblast, in Zherge-Tal village (Jany-Talap) the national festival dedicated to "Kyrgyz Traditions" will be held.

We invite you to take part in it.

The program is as follows:

Opening with Komuz music ensemble. Arrival of Kyrgyz nomads in national clothes on camels and on horses from afar to the festival site. Unloading yurts, things and erecting a yurt.

Further in the program:
1. The processes of preparing national food: boorsok, bread, kumys, ayran, syuzmo, kaimak, sari May, kurut, etc.
2. There will be shown the processes of manufacturing of national products such as kiiz, shirdak, chiy, kurak, saima, etc.
3. Interior decoration of the yurt.
4. Preparation of talcane (tolokon) on a sok-bilek.
5. Making flour on jargalchak, which lies on the soupra, where flour comes.
6. Saddles made of wood.
7. The komus made of wood.
8. National souvenirs.
9. Interesting stones with natural patterns.
10. National songs on the komuz and dances in national clothes. Dance of Kara-Jorgo.
11. The process of preparing besh barmak will be shown on the kazan, from the beginning to the presentation to the guests.
12. Inside the yurt will be shown the process of laying the baby in the cradle - "Beshikke saluu."
13. With the participation of the guests we will organize the game "Tusho Kesuu".
14. Guests can compete in games with alchik - "Chuko atmai".
15. There will be games of "Toguz-Korgol", "Upay" and other events.

Entrance ticket (shows and lunch - 500 som.)

For those wishing to stay accommodation in yurts will be prganized. They will be able to walk ni the surroundings, have dinner in a traditional style.

In the evening games around the fire will be organized. Next day there's going to be a mini concert, mini shows and etc.