The Silk Snow Expedition -2015, Part 3 or finding deer

The Silk Snow is very adventurous expedition because, plans changes very quickly. For example yesterday we were making plans for next few days. We found out from guide book that there is Naryn State Reserve, and this reserve is special, because there are unique animals as red deer are bred.  Naryn State Reserve became our next day destination. Since we had no idea how to get there, locals were kind and explained rules and ways.  It turned out that we needed special permission. Next day The Silk Snow, international team head towards the reserve with a hope to get a chance to see animals.  

asia mountains. skitouring, trekking, hiking, reserve, naryn, deer


The way to reserve is not easy way. We drove from Naryn to Eki- Naryn by the left side of the famous river Naryn, 30 km till mountains. It’s 5 km to get to reserve, but managed only 2 km.  We didn’t manager simply because of absent of the road. Expeditors used this chance and skied till reserve, rest of the team walked on snowshoes.  We left car near cemetery and eagerly moved towards beautiful deer.

asia mountains. skitouring, trekking, hiking, reserve, naryn, deer

There was s surprise prepared for us. After walking that much of distance were told that we are not allowed to enter to reserve without permissions, which we kind of knew about. But permission can be got only in office in Naryn city, which is quite far.  Thanks to kind people, who contacted us with director assistant of the reserve, who let us go in, but took a promise w\from us that we will stop by their office on Monday and finally get those permissions. Everyone was satisfied with happy ending.

asia mountains. skitouring, trekking, hiking, reserve, naryn, deer

Kennel actually turned out to be realy unique place. There are 30 species of red deer. Deer are special animal for Kyrgyz people; there are a lot of beautiful stories and legends about deer.

 Here is one that I remember from childhood.

" Many years ago trive of Kyrgyz people lived near banks of the Enicey river. But the constant attacks on them by the neighboring tribes did not allow them to live peacefully. There were frequent wars between tribes that took away many lives.Once they were unable to fight back and enemies destroyed them all.At this time, two children of the tribe - the little boy and a girl - were in the woods. Back home, they found their parents are killed. All of their friends and relatives were dead, homes destroyed, and the river flowing nearby, was red with blood. Kids hided and waited until their enemies are gone, and they went back into the woods.They wandered through the forest, until they met a deer. A deer spoke to them with human voice. Deer told them that the hunters killed calves and that she would like to take care of these kids. Children were delighted and followed deer. And she took them far, far away over the mountains to Lake Issyk-Kul, where they were raised. Deer became mother of orphans. Children grew up and got married. Boy and girl grew up and became husband and wife. When it was time for girl to deliver a baby, deer appeared again and brought to the horns of the cradle of birch with silver bells. The boy was named Bugubaem. He grew up and married a beautiful woman from the tribe of Kipchaks. From them and began genus tribe Bugu - the most powerful tribe in the history. 

asia mountains. skitouring, trekking, hiking, reserve, naryn, deer

But it didn’t last for a long. Tribe Bugu always respected deer and never hunted on them. Hunters showed their respect towards deer, by letting them to pass first on the trails. After death of one reach man, the relatives decided to rob his tomb and they wanted to take horns of the deer and started to kill deer, which became luxury item and trade.  Deer offended by his descendants and led the remaining deer back over the years. Before leaving, she was standing on a mountain top, and looking at the Issyk-Kul dropping her bitter tears. " Already want to come here in the summer and go on a day trip to the wooded slopes of the Naryn-Too. In the meantime, we can snowshoe and ski touring, which is also not bad.

Photos by: Iceberg-Film