The Silk Snow Expedition -2015 -Part 2

After another cold night -30 C, team head towards the caravan Tash-Rabat, through Chatyr-Kul. We remind you that expedition began in 2014, and the movie makers have already visited other countries to make a documentary film "The Silk Snow". The expedition started in Kyrgyz Mountains on January 29 and will finish February 20, 2015.

asiamountains, expeditions, 2015, silk snow, ski touring asiamountains, expeditions, 2015, silk snow, ski touring


The camp is collected in a hurry, it took almost 3 hours. We had to hurry, because we had to be on next destination before friends. On the road Torugart –Naryn the weather became bad. On sunny days roads this valley is very beautiful, unfortunately, our friends didn’t have chance to see it.

Upon arrival to the valley of Kara-Kuyun (which in Kyrgyz means - Black Rabbit), found that there is no snow. The river that used to flow not far from caravan saray was frozen and turned the valley into a skating rink.

asiamountains, expeditions, 2015, silk snow, ski touring

There are the people who live here for years. One of these families’ hostesses Tursun Eje and her husband Dzhergalbek .They are so lucky; they can always enjoy the beauty, in all seasons. It is a family of entrepreneurs.  They have 120 head of sheep and summer yurt camp for tourists. By the way, their yurts is one of the best yurt camps in this region.

"According to residents who live here all year round and are the custodians of the caravan-sarai, in these places in the winter is a lot of snow on that Alexei noticed that it was a wonderful place for ski touring.

asiamountains, expeditions, 2015, silk snow, ski touring

Next day, plans changed instead of skiing, filmmakers decided to explore every corner and stone of the caravan saray Tash-Rabat. caravan- sarai attracted the attention of foreign friends. They were so passionate about filming and studying Tash-rabat, so the team during that time managed to collect camp.

asiamountains, expeditions, 2015, silk snow, ski touring

Next destination is Naryn. After two hours the road, the team was happy to stay in a cozy guest. The hosts were welcome guests. The expedition members will stay in a guest house before 8 February 2015.

To be continued...

Photos by: iceberg-film