The Silk Snow Expedition -2015, Part 1

The Silk Snow Expedition is started in 2014. Group of movie makers visit historical places, mountain valleys on skies.  The main goal of the expedition is to introduce people with live styles of people who live along Silk Road, also show how they go through natural hardships and obstacles. This documentary will show unique adventures of participants and new places in the world.                                                                      

Silk Snow team already had visited other countries such as Tajikistan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Caucuses. Last destination of the expedition is beautiful country Kyrgyzstan.

asia mountains, expedition-2015, silk snow asia mountains, expedition-2015, silk snow


“28.Jan.2015 News from expedition! The team reached the lake Chatyrkul. There is a little snow and temperature outside is - 28. Team hopes that - Rabat will be covered with enough snow, because team is going to ski from that valley.”


Silk snow, Asia Mountains Expediton, 2015, ski tours

Filmmakers arrived in Kyrgyzstan on January 29 from the border of China. Expedition happened because of professional of "Asia Mountains" the company who were able to prepare for a winter adventure in a short time.  January 27, the "Asia Mountains" team moved towards Tash Rabat.  

On the first day, basecamp was set under the Tash-Rabat pass. In this camp participants spent few days. The weather was good- says Alena, but at night it got colder, it was -33 C. Despite the cold night, the next morning was pleasant and beautiful. After breakfast team went to Torugart, in order to meet foreign friends. And that was the beginning of winter adventures.

Silk snow, Asia Mountains Expediton, 2015, ski tours

Torugart. Swiss friends got their border passing stamps with no problem. After skiing in a long passage across the border in China, nothing pleases as hot tea in a cozy camp.

Plans of the Expeditions are go to skiing in Tash-Rabat pass and ski down to the caravan -saray, which was built in the XI century. Thereby guys repeat the classic route of the Silk Road. And the team of "Asia Mountains" went after them on the car and waited at the campground.

Silk snow, Asia Mountains Expediton, 2015, ski tours

Expeditions can be traced through the Spot Satellite Messenger - tracking device.

To Be Continued...

Photos by: iceberg-film