Excursions to Lenin Peak Base camp

Summer is not that far!  Have you decided where to go?

What if we offer to attend a high altitude resort but not Courchevel!

To hike around crystal clear lakes but not in Canada!

To feel the harmony with the surrounding world but not during yoga tour to Goa!

 All this and even much more during our excursions to Lenin Peak in the Pamir.

You have never experienced something like that before!

 From 3 to 5 days! From Osh city to Lenin Peak Base camp and back!

From USD 330

Period: July 15 – August 20, 2017

When it is hot and asphalt melts in the city.

When you unbearably want to suddenly turn out to be somewhere outside the perishing reality and breathe in the vitalizing energy of the mountains and the stupefying crystal clear air.

When the soul craves to absorb the clear sun and unreal beautiful clouds, virgin snow, emerald grass and alpine flowers.


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