American director and traveler Dave Katz published another video about the unusual beauty and unforgettable landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.

In the video you can see the boundless expanses of the country, the splendor of nature, the blue of the sky merging with the blue of the mountain lakes and the endless starry sky fascinating with its unreality!

Dave Katz is the author of a tourist blog "Tenacity in Pursuit", where he publishes his work on the results of travel.

As the director told the correspondent of the information magazine "Sputnik": "I traveled alone in remote regions of your country. While traveling, I tried to devote more time to studying your picturesque nature and to capture it on video, but I think I did not have enough time, I plan to visit Kyrgyzstan again next year".

Well, we dare to hope that every tourist who visits our country thinks so and will come back to once again outlook the freedom and grandeur of the Kirghiz mountains, the calmness and spirituality of our lakes, the freshness and coolness of the mountain air, the speed of the rivers and of course the hospitality of the Kirghiz people.

Come to us for new impressions!

As for the movie it can be viewed here.