On May 26, 2017 the Fund of Preservation and Exploration of Caves (Kyrgyzstan) with which the Asia Mountains Company co-operates actively got the certificate on Speleozistan-2017 Project from the Europe Speleologica Federatio (ESF).
This project implies the continuation of the Kan-i-Gut Cave exploration also known as the Death Mine since the ancient times. 
For not than one thousand years silver and lead were mined there.  Many legends speak about especially this mine. 
So in July this year scientists and cavers from different countries will land to explore unpassed and unstudied galleries, to uncover enigmas and secrets and to conduct studies.
The expedition will be held under support of the State Agency of Enviromental Protection of Kyrgyzstan , ESF, Federation Francaise de Speleologie as well as Petzl, Beal, Adventure Vertical.
That is a very important stage and new page in speleology of Kyrgyzstan.  We will be waiting for discoveries!
We are offering to attend this cave within our tour. 
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