Autumn splendor!

Autumn comes in a slow step. At first the air gets colder in the mornings, then in the evenings. The colors of the summer fade, the greenery becomes less bright, the hills burn out. Mountains increasingly wrap in clouds. Our mood, to be honest, fades with the nature, grieving for noisy carefree summer, immersed in memories of holidays.


We cease to notice the beauty around us. But, suddenly, one cold autumn morning, we wake up, lazily look out of the window and realize that beyond the bustle of everyday life we don't see this bright and unique beauty. Autumn breaks out in a multicolored fire. Someone repainted everything around in shades from yellow to bright red and maroon. And then we grab a camera and rush into the mountains, forest, fields, meadows, parks. To the places where these colors are particularly vivid and contrast with the blue sky, turquoise lakes and snowy mountains. 


Autumn in Kyrgyzstan is especially beautiful in Issyk-Kul valley. Snowy Terskey and Kungei Ala-Too ridges surround the blue pearl - Issyk-Kul Lake, the blue which can compete with any alpine lake in the world, but when its shores trees of wild apricot flash in colorful lights, and ephedra covers with the orange beads - berries, blue lake amplifies thousands of times, reflecting the blue of the sky.