Last Saturday, September 23, the Kara-Bulak-2017 Mountain Half-marathon (21 km 97 m) was held in the mountains near Bishkek. It took place for the third time. The race brought together runners and cyclists with a total of 83 people representing Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Poland, the USA, Germany, Colombia and Russia. The Asia Mountains Company  did not stay aside from this event and provided prizes to winners and prize-winners in their categories  acting as a partner of the competition. We also took part in the race itself. The weather pleased with its autumn warmth. After the race Kara-Bulak Eco-Resort served a delicious pilaf to everyone. An entertainment program was also organized with music, team games and cross-fit competitions. The atmosphere of the holiday and healthy competition were in full swing.

Race features:

• Start - Kashka-Su Ski resort

• Finish - Kara-Bulak Eco-Resort

• The maximum height - 2267 m a.s.l.

• The minimum height - 1691 m a.s.l.

• Total difference:  1161 m (ascent), 1097 m (descent)

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