April is time for rare Aigul flower

Every year in April appears rare endemic flower Aigul. It grows in Kyrgyzstan in Batken region. The name is translated as a Moon Flower. Local people make a special holiday when first flowers appear.

The flower grows on northern slopes in shade. It is rather high - about 1 m in hight. Each year on the stem appears one bud. It is possible to say how old is each plant. Local people say that they've seen 30 flowers!

As a rare flower Aigul is in a red book and protected by government. 

Here is one of legends:

Long ago in a far away village there lived a family and a young mother gave a birth to a wonderfull girl. She was so beautiful with moon white face. Her mother gave her name - Aigul that means Moon Flower. The girl was growing up and delighted her parents and neighbors with her talents and beauty. Finally it came time for her to get married. Many young men tried to conquer heart of a beautiful girl. Some of them tried to do it by courage, some by gifts. She choose a guyfrom local family. His name was Kozu Ulan.

He was well known for his love for his homeland and fearlessness. He gave the decree to prepare for the wedding celebration but he had to join brave worriers to fight against enemies.

A brave worrier Kozy Ulan didn’t come back. Beautiful Aigul got very sad news about his death. He was buried at the foot of a high mountain. Aigul could not stand it and rushed down from the neighboring mountain (later it was called Aigul mountain). Blood drops became bright flowers that local people called Aigul. And the nearest mountain got the name of Kozy Ulan. Today both mountains and flowers are symbols of a pure love

pictures by G. Omorova

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