Alena Dudashvili won in the category

"Opening time with Discovery Sport ".

Alena Dudashvili author of memorable, unusual and unique expedition won an award in the category "Opening time with Discovery Sport" by National Geographic Traveler. National Geographic Traveler awarded to the winner certificate on passing the basic course off-road driving from Land Rover Expreince. Awarding was held in Moscow on November 20, 2014. And Kyrgyzstan got award in the category of  "Health Tourism".

We want to remind that Alena Dudashvili and her friends went to the SUV car on an expedition length of 1,900 km. The expedition took the start on May 8, 2011 and lasted  40 days. The plan of travelers was to pass through  whole Tibet, West and East, get to the Yellow Sea and then through the Gobi desert get - to the northern border of China. The expdetition is very unique, because no one ever have dont it before.

The expedition was dedicated to Victory Day.