Acclimatization program to Muztagh Ata peak

We offer you to climb Muztagh Ata  peak 7546 m in China with our group leader. Here is the acclimatization program:

Day 1. Expedition starts in Bishkek or Kasgar and then you arrive to Subashi (3700m). Overnight in yurts. 

Subashi 3700m, left Mt Kuksay 7184m, right Mt Muztagh Ata T Camenisch

Day 2. You will put your bags on camels and continue way (12 km) on foot to the Base Camp (4400m). Night in tents. 

to the base camp T Camenisch

Day 3. You should spend this day active. Hike up to Camp 1 (5200-5400m). Bring your tent some food and gas. Return to the BAse Camp for the night.


BC T Camenisch

Day 4. Climb to Camp 1 (5200m) and overnight there.


Day 5. How do you feel? Full of energy? Then continue your acclimatization to 6000m but return to the base camp for overnight. If you are not feeling good go to the Base Camp (4400m) and spend 1-2 days there.


Day 6. Hiking up to Camp 1 (5200m). It will be fast today 2-3 hours. 

from C1 to BC T Camenisch

Day 7. Today you will need to reach Camp 2 (6000m) and spend the night there. 

down from C2 Tom Camenisch

Day 8. Today you have to return back to the BAse Camp for rest. And spend the night there. 

rest BC T Camenisch

Day 9. Rrecreation and rest at the Base Camp. Your body needs more oxygen.


Day 10. You have enough power and it is possible to get to 6000m. But it is ok to spend the night at Camp 1 (5200m).

from C1 to C2 Tomas Camenisch

Day 11. Today is your ascent to Camp 3 (6700-6900m).

summit day before sunrise T Camenisch

Day 12. Your chance to climb the summit. And then descent to C3 or to C2 it will depend on you and weather conditions.


Day 13. Way to the Base Camp. 

BC T Camenisch 1

Day 14, 15. Extra days for the bad weather and rest.