A film about Kyrgyzstan from the "Living Planet"

The film crew of the Russian TV channel "Living Planet" visited Kyrgyzstan last May and the host of the TV channel Konstantin Bysheva was struck by the beauty of our country comparing it with Switzerland and predicted a great future for her.

He noted that Kyrgyzstan has huge potential and it can easily compete with the Alps, the Dolomites or the Andes.

In social networks, Konstantin wrote that the nature of our country is fresh, unique and original and that very soon, perhaps, Kyrgyzstan will be second Switzerland, Italy or New Zealand.
Well, we also hope so, for now you can see both parts of the documentary of the "Living Planet" TV channel, where the author tells about the traditions of our country, watches the eagle hunting and visits the Issyk-Kul rehabilitation center, learning about the conservation work number of leopards: Kyrgyzstan - part one, Kyrgyzstan - part two.