In September this year the large International speleological expedition organized by the Fund of Preservation and Exploration of Caves and supported by the Asia Mountains Company will take place. It includes cavers and scientists from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan. It is represented by people of different professions, occupations and ages.

   The main part of the group will be represented by Bulgarian speleologists from the Bulgarian Speleological Society including Ladislav Tzvetkov, operator, who will be covering the expedition and its results. He also plans to shoot a movie about Kyrgyzstan nature and local people life.

   The expedition program implies researches of Kyrgyzstan caves biology, researches in geology, hydrogeology, karst and speleology as well as securing of risky works. 

   An experienced speleologist and geologist, Dr. Kamen Bonev, will be the Head of expedition.

 Regions: Dzhalpak-Tash Plateau, Abshir-Ata River valley, Abshir-Ata Vaucluse. 

Totally number of participants: 18, incl. 6 from Kyrgyzstan

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