What language people speak in Kyrgyzstan?


Kyrgyzstan is a very multi-cultural country. There are about 80 nationalities. Kyrgyz and Russian are the languages that people speak. Russian language is considered to be an official language while Kyrgyz is the national language. Kyrgyz language is primarily used in rural areas and it is important to remember that in different regions of the country, the dialects are different. For example, you might find out that Kyrgyz language spoken in the south is similar to Uzbek since it near to Uzbekistan. In Talas region, Kyrgyz language has similarities with that of Kazakh language. In villages you can find Russians and Germans who speak Kyrgyz and while traveling to different regions, you might also meet Americans speaking fluent Kyrgyz. They are those who came for volunteering for different programs. What about Bishkek? A lot of people living in the capital mostly speak Russian but you will still meet people who use Kyrgyz language. Also, you will meet a lot of youth who can already speak English or are learning to.

Business Trips- On business trips and meetings with representatives of local state agencies if your goal is to impress them, knowing a couple words or phrases in Kyrgyz will do the trick! Be sure you pronounce words correctly and use them at the right time. Kyrgyz adults can be very sensitive about their culture and language.

Traveling- As for travelers who like adventure and would like to go to the remote areas of Kyrgyzstan, we highly recommend to get a Russian-Kyrgyz-English speaking guide in the case you don't know Kyrgyz or Russian.

 We made a dictionary with basic words.

 English  Russian  Kyrgyz




 How are you?

Как дела?

[kak dela]

Иштерин Кандай?

[ishterin kandai]
 What is your name?

Как тебя зовут?

[kak tebia zovut]

Атын ким?

[atyn kim]
 My name is_______

Меня зовут________

[menia zovut]

Менини атым___________

[menin atym]
 Where are you from?

Вы от куда?

[vy ot kuda]

Каяктан болосун?

[kaiaktan bolosun]
 I am from ________

Я из__________

[ia iz______na]

Мен______________дан боломун.

[Men ____________ dan bolomun]

 Nice to meet


Очень приятно познакомится!

[ochen priatno poznakomitsia]

Сени менен ташыканыма абдан ыразымын.

[seni menen tanyshkanyma abdan yrazymyn]



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