Where can I learn Russian in Bishkek?

  Every year a lot of foreigners come to Kyrgyzstan for business, for traveling or to learn russian language. Russian Language is an official language in Kyrgyzstan. There are news, adverstisements, plays, tv shows are in russian.  There are a lot of agencies and organizations who give private teachers of Russian language. We made a list of places, centers, ways to learn Russian language in Bishkek. 

 #1 is London School. London School is a language learning center that is located in the center of Bishkek that was found 1998. They have group and individual classes. London school considered as one of the cheapest courses for learning Russian. They also provide Kyrgyz language courses.

#2 Volunteering. If you want to learn Russian try as much as you can hang out with Russian speakers. One of the ways is a volunteering for local charity organizations that work with youth. Visiting orphanages, street children or elders will help you to improve listening and speaking skills.

горы азии

 #3 Enter to Kyrgyz University. There are a lot of state universities that provide Russian language courses. This option can work for those who are planning to stay in Kyrgyzstan minimum six month.But some universities might have couple month courses.

 #4 Stay with local family. There are a lot pluses staying with local family. First it helps to get to know more with traditions and culture. Second it will help to improve your Russian language skills.


горы азии

 Here is the list of how and where you can learn Russian Language in Bishkek. If you have questions please contact us.

 P.S.  if you chose number #4, don’t forget to take off shoes when you enter house.

 Good luck! We hope this list was helpful.