Book Stores in Bishkek

There are many people who love reading in Kyrgystan. From childhood we were taught to respect literature and were always reminded about importance of reading. If you are passionate reader of books and would like to know all places where to get good books with good price in Bishkek, than you are on the right page.

Here is the list of places to get books in Bishkek.

Raritet book shop. Raritet is one of the oldest book shops in Bishkek. The head office is located in the center, on the right side from the Ala-too square.

Contacts: Chui Str. 271
+996 (312) 65-62-24

Raritet shop on Pushkin Str.78

+996 (312) 66-45-24

Raritet shop in Vefa

Gorkii Str. 27/1

+996 (312) 59-69-11

Raritet in "Detskii Mir"

Chui Str. 147/4
Phone:+996 (312) 68-22-72

Raritet in "Tash-Rabat"

Gogplya Str.1

Phone:+996 (312) 90-38-29

Another place where you can find books in english, in russian and in Kyrgyz is Bookingem Book shop. This shop is located on Gorkii Str. 19 across Sovetskaia Street. Shops works from 9:00am-9:00pm. Staff can speak English.

Phone:+996 0312 475 588

Internet Book Shop that offer books in Enlish and Russian for delivery is called "Moi lubimyi knijnyi" (My favorite Store Book). Staff speak english. The shop is located on second floor of Tash-Rabat. They also can deliver to home.Order can be made via phone+996 558170563 or whatsupp.

Also walking on the stree you migh notice there are random people sitting on the streets selling books. These place is the most cheapest place to get books, even though they might not speak english and dont deliver to home.

Reading is power! Read people, read!