"Meeting spring in the Komorchek Canyons" - Kyrgyzstan



Program: "Meeting spring in the Komorchek Canyons" - Kyrgyzstan

Dates: 05/20 - 05/28/2018

Activity: Hiking

Price: 1100 USD per person


Due to its special microclimate spring in canyons Komorcheka particularly noticeable. This is probably the only time of year when canyons start to live. They flowing water, blooming flowers, breaking through the red clay and sandstone. Nesting birds are flying around. Canyons change to its bright colors.  All of this happens only last three spring months. After that comes the time of tranquility.

Million years ago, here was a sea. Subsequently, the bottom of an ancient sea rose up and formed a plateau.  Now walking through canyons you can meet different sculptures of people, animals that tell how nature can be artistic.

Komorchek Canyons occupies the eastern part of Kyrgyz Ala-Too, filling a vast territory. Dry, with special types of drought-resistant vegetation, red from oxidation of mineral particles, canyons seem accumulated of fantastic dilapidated castles, ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, towers and spiers. Unusual forms of these constructions of nature gave rise to an equally strange name. Skala Castle - is an impressive array of flat-topped elevation of 300 meters, topped with crenellated turrets. Bobsled Canyon, Grand Canyon, syncline, Tale and others.

Canyons created by the erosion over millions of years. Where crustal movements opened cracks and fissures, wind and rain destroyed immediately below it sandstone, decorating the landscape of bizarre columns. Water filling the cracks during frequent summer thunderstorms, turned the slopes surrounding hills in the maze of genital ridges, low mesas, rounded domes, pyramids and columns. When viewed from a distance, the landscape is more reminiscent of which lie in the wide field of ruins of ancient cities. So, step by step, time, water and wind have created a great fabulous city Komorchek.

Vertical canyon walls play in the sun all shades of crimson, tan and orange. Particularly beautiful are at sunrise and sunset, when the towers and dome light Komorcheka unusually rich red and purple flowers that fade and shimmer at sunset, absorbing the golden hues of the setting sun.

The Program:

Day 1. (20.05) Arrival in Bishkek. Meeting at the airport "Manas" in Bishkek. Transfer to the hotel. After a rest, a tour of the city of Bishkek - the capital of Kyrgyzstan. You can visit the Ala-Too Square, which offers a magnificent view of the snow-capped peaks of the Kyrgyz Range; green parks; picture gallery of local artists in the open air, visit the History Museum, and much more (B, L).

Day 2. (21.05) On this day we will move in the natural park Ala-Archa (40 km) and walk for acclimatization to the track. Ala-Archa gorge - a favorite vacation spot for residents and visitors. Here are the highest point of the Kyrgyz ridge - Peak Semenov Tien Shan (4895 m). Return to Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel (B, L).

Day 3. (22.05) Transfer to the top of the track in the Boom Gorge (130 km). First, our path will pass through a maze of narrow rocky with steep walls, the output of which we suddenly find ourselves in a wide valley surrounded by quaint castles of sandstone and clay, are being eroded over millions of years. This is the famous Eolian castles, where we take a short walk until cook us a small snack. Next, we go up to the pass Sulu-Terek (2320m), which offers stunning panoramic Konorchek or the Grand Canyon. A dream place for photographs. But we need to rush to the site of our camp at the confluence of the rivers and Komorchek Kokjar - Suu (7 - 8 hours). Overnight in tents (10-11 km, 1790 m), (B, L, D).

Day 4. (23.05) This day will be devoted to research and discover the beautiful maze of canyons "Grand Canyon", "Bob", "Skyscraper" and others,these names excites you, because each name has its own story. Some canyons have to lift up his head high, to assess their actual size, while others have to squeeze sideways because of their exceptional narrowness, sometimes you have a third climbing to see the most interesting. Overnight in tents (B, L, D).

Day 5. (24.05) On this day we hike up to the mountain Sagyzhan-Choka (2925m), which offers a nice overview on the canyons. The place itself was once the bottom of the shallow Gulf of ancient sea, and here you can find prints of fossilized shells that lived millions of years ago. For those who want to be alone, you can take a walk around the neighborhood or again wander through the canyons. Descent to the camp. Overnight in tents (B, L, D).

Day 6. (25.05) Today we will make the transition into the valley of Kyzyl-Suu through Kok-Jar (2367 m). Throw a farewell glance at the canyons, whose memory will live in your hearts. Along the way we will have to cross the river several times Kok-Jar-Suu ford. Overnight in tents (13-14 km, 2170 m), (B, L, D).

Day 7. (26.05) Go over the vast alpine meadows in the gorge of Kel-Tor Shamsinsky. Spring is here and has just begun the first tentative shoots of grass and flowers make their way through the soil. But by the end of May and beginning of June this place is covered with many different colorful, flowers. Overnight in tents (13 km, 2170 m), (B, L, D)

Day 8. (27.05) On the last day of the trek we will make the transition into the gorge Shamsi. Our route will pass through overgrown with thickets of honeysuckle, barberry, black currant and other shrubs of a wide valley, and then on the slopes overgrown with pine forest of majestic Tien Shan fir and larch. Then we go down to the bottom of the former small lake and then into the gorge Shamsi (11 km, 2110 m). Transfer to Bishkek (110 km). Accommodation at the hotel. (B, L, D).

Day 9. (28.05) Transfer to the airport. Homecoming (3)

The price includes: 

1. Meeting at the airport
2. Accommodation in 3 * hotels according to the program (double room)
3. Tents
4. Tent for cooking and eating
5. Meals three times a day throughout the program, including trekking days
6. Transport according to program
7. The guide and cook on the trek
8. The porters carrying things customers and camping gear. (Porter carries 7-8 kg of things the client. If you exceed this weight, you should hire extra porters advance notice our company).
9. Tickets for the tour program

The price does not include:

1. The cost of international air flight to Bishkek and back
2. Rent of equipment
3. Additional price for single accommodation
4. The cost of visas and consular services (for citizens of Russia international passport is  not required);
6. Personal expenses at the hotel bar, international calls, etc .;
7. Insurance.
8. Any changes to the program. 

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