Trekking under the Lenin Peak, collective group

Have you already planned the trek in Kyrgyztan's mountains?

If not, we want to offer you mountain trekking and ethnography in the same program! Pick up your backpacks and let's go! Fresh air, great landscapes, exciting excursions under the guidance of the qualified guide and visiting the Base Camp near the Lenin's peack is waiting for you!

 Date: 29.07 - 11.08.2018!

The price for the offer is 1100 USD per person. 



Day 1 (29 July). Arrival to Bishkek. Meeting at the “Manas” International Airport in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, and transfer to the hotel.  After a leisure, city tour around Bishkek. You may get acquainted with unpretentious architecture of the town. You will see Ala-Too square which affords a fantastic view of snow tops of Kyrgyz ridge, green parks, “Manas” monument and etc. At dinner time the group will meet with the trip’s supporting team.

Day 2  (30 July). Transfer from Bishkek to Osh along the main Kyrgyz highway which connects two capitals. The road goes along the mountains of Kyrgyz ridge and surprises with various landscapes. The Tue-Ashyy pass (3586 m) affords fantastic view of the Suusamyr valley. Tonight you’ll stay in the Oson guest house, in the Chichkan gorge.

Day 3  (31 July). You continue the travel through the stunning landscapes of southern Kyrgyzstan. En-route we will make a stopover in Uzgen, the capital of ancient Karakhanids state. Arrival to Osh. Overnight accommodation in the guest house.


Day 4  (1 August). Transfer to Kichik-Alai (120 km). You’ll stop in small village of Kapaly, where we’ll set up our camp. Preparation for the trek. 

Day 5  (2 August). Trekking over the Kosh-Moinok pass (3225 m). The pass offers extensive views of Kichik Alay ridge. Сontinuation of the trek. Ascent to the Sary-Bel Pass (3137 m). Descent to Kojo-Kelen Valley. On the way visit of a small shepherd village. Continuing the descent to the valley of red rocks and waterfalls.  Homestay. Overnight. 

Day 6  (3 August). After breakfast visit of the "Holly Grotto". This place is regarded as sacred. Many pilgrims come to this place to pay tribute to gods and to make an ablution in the water. Walking around the village of Kojo-Kelen. Acquaintance with the daily life of the local people. In the village you will be immersed into the life of last century. Here you can find water mills and farming. Houses made of red clay compliment the landscape as if they are a part of the nature. Homestay with a local family. 


Day 7  (4 August)Trekking to the Jyptyk Pass along the river of the same name.  On the way it is possible to meet yaks that gaze on the pastures. Stop for the rest and overnight in a camp at the height of  3350 m. 

Day 8  (5 August). Trekking over the Jyptyk pass (4175 m). From the pass there is a wonderful view of the Alai Valley and the majestic Pamir. When the weather is good it is possible to see seven thousand meter peaks - Lenin Peak, Communism Peak, Korjnevskaya Peak as well as Kurumdy Peak. Descent to the Alai Valley. Accommodation in a camp that is located not far from Sary-Mogul Village.  

Day 9  (6 August). Transfer to the Achik-Tash base camp, located under Lenin peak at an altitude of 3600 m. The camp is located on a field of edelweiss.  You’ll be accommodated in tents. 

Day 10  (7 August). Trekking to the shoulder of Petrovskii Peak. Descent to the camp. Overnight in tents. 


Day 11  (8 August). Hike to the Puteshestvennikov Pass which allows a view of Lenin glacier and the peak itself (7134 m). It’s possible to climb up to the Camp One, located on the moraine at 4200 m. We return back to the base camp to spend the night there.

Day 12  (9 August). Transfer to Osh. Accommodation in the guest house.

Day 13  (10 August). City tour of Osh. Archeologists have revealed that Osh is an ancient city, approximately 3,000 years old. Osh, however, is not only unique due to its extremely old age, but also because it was located along the path of the Great Silk Road. Osh city was one of the main trade centers on the route of caravans crossing Central Asia. The Osh oriental Bazaar has remained at its original location on the bank of Ak-Buura River in the center of the town over the centuries. A lot of different goods come to Osh Bazaar from all over Central Asia. One particularly interesting sight in Osh is Suleiman Too (holy mount). Local people often climb the mountain in the belief that it brings absolution and good health. One can see both old and young people alike ascending and descending its face daily. From here we transfer to the airport for the flight back to Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. 

Day 14  (11 August). Departure