"The heart of Tien-Shan - Trekking over Inylchek glacier to the base camp of Khan-Tengri and Pobeda peaks" - Kyrgyzstan

Have you ever seen high peaks, covered by white snow and sparkling glaciers? Would you like to? Then get ready for an adventure.  We offer you to trek to the area of mountains that you had on your wish list for a loooong time. We offer trek to base camps of amazing mountain Khan-Tengri, popular Pobeda Peak and unique Merzbacher Lake located in your favorite country Kyrgyzstan. 

Itinerary: "The heart of the Tien-Shan: Trekking to glacier Inelchek, to Khan- Tengri and Pobeda Peak

base camps " – Kyrgyzstan.

Dates: 06.08 - 18.08.2018

Activity: hiking/trekking

Price: 1950 USD per person

How much you know about Central Tien Shan? And what do you know about Central Tien Shan? For many years it was difficult for many travelers to get to Central Tien Shan, see great glacier Enilchek. Since Tien Shan area was unreachable a lot of legends were passed from one to another, there were a lot of approximations, and incorrect data.

Some of the greatest names of the local peaks speak for themselves. First of all, is a legendary Khan Tengri peak- the Master of spirits and sinister Kang-Too (Blood Mountain). Many expeditors and scientists from around the world are seeking to discover the secrets of the heart of the white, ancient, mystery keeper - Tien Shan.

There are expeditions that become historical which are held by popular Semenov P.P.  Back in 1856-1857, later this place was named after him, for Semenovs exploration and valuable contribution. Another outstanding persons, expeditors are an Italian Prince Cesare Borghese in 1900 and Gotfida Merzbacher 1902-1903 and 1907- 1908, after whom the one of the unique glacier lake was named – Merzbaher Lake, that confluence of the North and South Inylchek. And there are many other expeditions were organized thanks to whose work we know more about mysterious places.

The lake was discovered in 1903 by German geographer and alpinist Gottfried Merzbacher during his expedition with a goal to get to the foot of Khan-Tengri peak. Later it received its name in honor of its discoverer. Merzbacher Lake is situated at an altitude of 3304 meters above sea level. It has a total area of 4.5 square km and a depth of 60-70 m. The lake is located between glaciers North and South Inylchek (one of the largest glaciers in the world).

From its coast magnificent panorama opens of the highest peaks of the Tien Shan. Icy silence of snowy giants will not leave you indifferent to the beauty of the ever-shining edges.

Each year, between July and August, the lake, containing 129 million cubic meters of water, for 2-3 days suddenly disappears completely. There are many hypotheses why it happens. But none of them has found its full confirmation. "The heart of the Tien Shan" remains unsolved!

The way the track goes to the heart of the Tien Shan mountain range at the foot of two majestic peaks over 7,000 meters. One of them - Pobeda peak - is the most northerly in the world seventhousander and the second - a beautiful pyramid of Khan-Tengri, which is a symbol of our country. Moving along Inylchek glacier, the biggest glacier Tien Shan (60 km), you can see how the height of the mountains gradually increases as you get closer to the ultimate goal of our trip - the base camp at the foot of the peak Trehglavyi. Hence, from the base camp offers stunning views of the seven thousandth giants - peaks of Pobeda and Khan Tengri. But especially good views of the peaks at sunset, when burning fiery ruby color play on the slopes in afternoon sun. 

Perhaps the pristine beauty of sparkling peaks could be a reason why hundreds of climbers and tourists from around the world come to the heart of the Tien-Shan every year?  We invite you to share with us the difficulties of transition on the glacier, visit the lake Merzbacher, and enjoy unforgettable views on the way of opening landscapes.


Day 1 (6 August) Arrival to Bishkek. We will meet you at the airport and bring you to your accommodations. After a rest from the long flight city tour of the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. (B/L/D)

Day 2 (7 August)  Transfer to Karakol. This route takes travelers through the ever-changing mountain landscapes. We will circumnavigate the world’s second-largest mountain lake, Issyk-Kul, which is 170 km across as its longest point and incredibly deep. Along the way we will take a break to swim in the saltwater lake before arriving to the hotel free time. (B/L/D)

Day 3 (8 August) Transfer from Karakol to base camp At-Djailoo (2500m). After breakfast short sightseeing tour around Karakol. Also you will see an Old Russian Orthodox Cathedral made of wood without any nails. Lunch in local café. After lunch transfer to At-Jailoo base camp. The road passes through a number of villages, then continues up along the canyon Turguen Ak Suu towards Ashuu Chon Pass (3808m). Descent to Ashuu Tor valley. On the way we pass by Koilu and Sary Jaz rivers. Later we drive along Sary Jaz river to the check point Maida-Adyr as we are going to enter the border zone, we must leave our permits here. Sary Jaz river is one of the largest in Kyrgyzstan. The river has a length of 200 km and carries its water into Inylchek river which flows to China About 1-1.5 hours drive through a village and along Inylchek river, arrival in At Jailoo camp. Dinner and overnight in tents. (B/L/D)

Day 4 (9 August) Today we will start our trekking from At-Jailoo camp to base camp Iva (2900m).  The way will take 15 km (around hours 4-5 we will hike up to 400m) This will also be an excellent day for acclimatization. Our campgrounds are located at the foot of the imposing Nansen peak (5697 m), named after the Norwegian zoologist, arctic explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Fridtjof Nansen.  Dinner and overnight in tents. (B/L/D)

Day 5 (10 August) Trekking from "Iva" camp to the camp "Glina" The whole trek is about 13 km (the time of trekking is 4-6 hours, we will accend another 200m) This day trekking is going to pass over the Inylchek's side moraine  to the merger with Putevodniy glacier. After lunch we will have another long transition. We will go by the right side of the glacier moraine by the smooth sandy soil. The variety of the reliefs and a high angle of the slope will definitely give you an adrenaline. Dinner and overnight in the camp. . (B/L/D)

Day 6. (11 August) Glina camp - "Mertsbacher meadow" camp (3400m) The trekking is going to be about 10km and it will take us about 4-5 hours, the accent is up another 300m. This day will be tough. On the way we will meet a small lake on the shore of which we will have our lunch and those who are not afraid of the cold water can have a bath. Further we will go over the moraine to Mertsbacher meadow. Mertsbacher meadow is the last green island located not far from the well know Mertsbacher lake. There's a Research Station on the meadow and each summer you may see a lot of scientists coming here from all over the world. They research the movement of glaciers, the meteorological situation in the region and the lake itself. There is a lot of space on the meadow for our tents. Overnight in a camp. . (B/L/D)

Day 7 (12 August) Rest and recreation day on the Merzbacher clearing (or ‘glade’) with an optional excursion to Lake Merzbacher. Hiking to the lake is for sure-footed hikers only, since the journey crosses the glacier and is very challenging at times. The excursion passes through the frozen walls of the glacier and over a maze of countless streams. The trail is 3 km with constant up-and-down climbing through the glacial masses. For those who wish to void the strenuous hike then staying on the Merzbacher meadow and prepare themselves for an intense upcoming two-day trekking journey. Overnight stay in tents. (B/L/D)

Day8-9 (13-14 August) Long trekking along the glacier to base camp of the Khan-Tengri (King of the Heavens) Peak (7010 m) and Pobeda Peak (7439 m).
These two days might possibly be the most difficult of the trip but they will also be the most memorable due to the many ponds and hanging glaciers of the untouched Tien Shan mountain range which one encounters along the way. We will camp overnight at the point where the Komsomolez and Inylchek glacier meet. Camping on the glacier is particularly cold therefore a down sleeping bag is highly recommended. The following day we will arrive to the base camp at Inylchek which is located at the intersection of the southern Inylchek and the Zvezdochka glaciers. From this vantage point one can see the mighty Pobeda and Khan-Tengri peaks. Overnight in tents at the base camp. (B/L/D)

Day 10 (15 August) Rest and recreation day. After breakfast there is an optional excursion to the foot of the Khan-Tengri or Pobeda peaks. The snow-white mountains make incredibly beautiful sunsets here. We will overnight again in tents. (B/L/D)

Day 11 (16 August) Helicopter flight to Karkara. The campsite is in Kazakhstan, not far from the Kyrgyz border. The helicopter ride is one of the most thrilling parts of the tour will bring us to the Karkara campsite, however flights only depart in good weather conditions. During the flight the breathtaking panorama of the Tian Shan, including Merzbacher Lake and many more smaller surrounding glaciers, becomes clearly visible from an entirely new perspective. In just 40 minutes one is transported from the icy heights of the mountains to the green meadows of the Karkara camp. Transfer to the Tamga village located on the southern side of Lake Issyk Kul. Accomodation this night of the trip will be in the guest house. (B/L/D)

Day 12 (17 August)Transfer to Bishkek via the route running along the south shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake with another opportunity to go swimming before we return to the capital to spend the night in a hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 13 (18 August) Transfer to the airport and flight home.   (B)


The price includes: 

1. Meeting/seeing off in the airport
2. Accommodation in 3*hotels according to the program (twin accommodation)
3. Accommodation in the guest houses.
4. Accommodation in camps (twin accommodation) and meals.
5. Transport according to the program
6. Trekking guide.
7. Border permit
8. Helicopter flight from Base Camp to Karkara

The price does NOT include:

1.International airfare to and from Bishkek
2. Equipment rental
3. Single supplement 125$ per person
4. Insurance
5. Payment for overload
6. Any changes in the program
7. Porter carrying personal cargo 550 USD for one porter.

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