From Belogorka to Alamedin Gorge (Trekking on Kyrgyz Range)


Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

The Belogorka gorge is located in 70 km from Bishkek. It is known by its 60 m high waterfall. It is one of the favorite recreation zones of citizens.  It is second favorite place after the Ala-Archa gorge. On the gorge’s territory there is a natural park of the same name and skiing bases in the Kaska-Suu gorge.  Slopes of the gorge are very beautiful both in spring and summer time. Third gorge is the Chonkurchak, its green slopes contrast with shining snow peaks of the Northern Tian-Shan in a background.
The first things you may see after leaving the airplane are enormous snow ridges, stretching not far away in the south.  That is exactly Kyrgyz Ala Too range which borders Chue valley from the south, it is the beginning of Tien-Shan. You may notice that many Kyrgyz ridges have prefix Ala-Too in its name what translated from Kyrgyz language as Great Mountains. From earliest time Kyrgyz people were calling lovingly their mountains.  This name proves its value. It is one of 88 mountain ridges of the Tian-Shan. It stretches for 454 km from west to east; its tops are much higher of snow line and reach an altitude of 4700 m above sea level.  The highest point of Kyrgyz ridge is Semenov-Tienshansky peak (4895 m) which locates in the Ak-Sai spur of main ridge in 40 km from Bishkek. Northern slopes of Kyrgyz ridge have numerous gorges with its unique beauty. You may find here fir and archa trees, boundless alpine meadows and a land of eternal snow. There are rivers with clean ice water flowing in the gorge’s bottom. You may enjoy here noisy waterfalls, clean and fresh air, you may see mountain lakes of different origin, visit Eolian castles – a masterpiece of wind and water. You may wander huge alpine meadows and get acquainted with a life of modern nomads. It is amazing, but except Ala-Archa and Alamedin gorges, Kyrgyz ridge is rarely visited by tourists. So it has preserved its unique virgin beauty. We offer you to supply the gap.  During this trek you may visit three gorges of the Kyrgyz ridge, cross several passes, you will see mountain lake, and wander along famous fir trees and alpine meadows, as they are called here jailoo, you will see skiing slopes, loved by local skies and snowboarders. Moreover, you will have a possibility to enjoy plus to typical mountain landscapes a panorama of wonderful Chue valley. So, let’s go!

Program: Bishkek-Bishkek
Best time: June - mid of October
Activity: Trekking in Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 8 days


 Days Program Accommodation Meals
 Day 1 Bishkek. "Manas" airport, city tour.   Hotel B/L/D
 Day 2 Transfer from Bishkek to the Belogorka gorge  camping B/L/D
 Day 3 Trekking to the Djalamish gorge  camping B/L/D
 Day 4  Trekking to the Ala-archa gorge  camping B/L/D 
 Day 5  Trekking to the Kaska-Suu gorge  camping B/L/D 
 Day 6 Trekking to the Chonkurchak gorge  camping B/L/D 
 Day 7 Trekking to the Alemdin gorge, transfer to Bishkek   Hotel B/L/-
 Day 8 Departure   ----------   B/-/- 

Quotation for groups: 

2-3 persons     –    1000 US dollars per person

4-5 persons     –    600 US dollars per person

6-7 persons     –     560 US dollars per person

8-9 persons     –    490 US dollars per person

10+ persons    –    440 US dollars per person

Additional payment for SGL supplement - 134 US dollars per person

The price includes:

1. Meeting/seeing off at the airport
2. Accommodation in 3*hotels according to the program (twin accommodation)
3. Trekking tents for accommodation
4. Meals 3 times a day during the program, including trekking days
5. Transport support for all time of the program
6. Trekking guide and cook during the trek

The price excludes:

1. International air flight to Bishkek and back
2. Rent of equipment 
3. Additional payment for SGL supplement
4. Cost of visa and consular services (for Russian citizens there is no need in international passport)
5. Personal expenses in hotels: bar, international calls, and etc
6. Insurance
7. Payment for overload
8. Any changes in the program




Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Program: Bishkek-Bishkek

Dates: June - mid of October
Activity: Trekking in Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 8 days

Day 1. Arrival to Bishkek. Meeting in the “Manas” airport of Bishkek city. Transfer to the hotel. After having rest you may enjoy city tour of Bishkek – a capital of Kyrgyzstan. You may enjoy simple soviet architecture of the city. You will visit enormous Ala-Too square which affords fantastic view of snow peaks of the Kyrgyz ridge, green parks, oriental bazaar and many other sights. (B,L,D)

Day 2. Transfer to the Belogorka gorge (75 km), walk to the waterfall. We come back to the Tash-Bulak village where we will have further transfer  to the Berulu gorge, where we will stay for tonight (1550 m). Camping (B,L,D)

Day 3. Today we go to the Djylamysh gorge over the pass (2507 m). We will start ascent along the path which will lead us soon to a small lake. It appeared here many years ago because of torrent landslip. We continue our way up to the gorge where several kilometers later we will cross the pass leading to the Djalamysh gorge. We descend along the gorge to a place of our camping (9-10 km, 1750 m). We spend this night in tents. (B,L,D)

Day 4. We start today early in the morning with a trekking to the Kadyberdy gorge. It is a hard and long day. We ascent to the spurs of a 3400 m high summit, and make afterwards traverse of the slopes in a direction of the Kadyberdy gorge. We make descent to this gorge and go up to the Ala-Archa gorge. Most part of the way you will have a possibility to enjoy wonderful sights of the Chu valley and wonderful panorama of surrounding summits (18-20 km, 1700 m). We stay in tents tonight. (B,L,D)

Day 5. We cross a bridge at the Ala-Archa river and ascent to the Beirek gorge. We cross a wonderful birch grove. And further we will climb to the ridge which affords fantastic view of skiing bases. It is a favorite recreation place of citizens. We descend to the Kashka-Suu gorge (8—9 km, 2050 m). Camping. (B,L,D)

Day 6. Today will be a long and difficult day as well. We climb to the summit of 3150 m. It gives a stunning view of the Kashka-Suu and Chonkurchak gorges and the whole Chu valley. We descend further to a beautiful hollow, called Verkhny Tatyr. You may notice herds of livestock grazing on meadows and slopes. And you will enjoy as well wonderful views of the summits of the Kyrgyz ridge. (10 km, 2100 m) Camping. (B,L,D)

Day 7. We start today with an ascent to the Chichar pass along the gorge covered with forest. (5 km, 2834 m). We descend afterwards to the Alamedin gorge to meet our vehicle. The last part of the way goes over the stones covered with moss. (10 km, 1800 m). Transfer to Bishkek (30 km). Accommodation in a hotel. (B,L)

Day 8. Departure (B) 

Useful information:

Visa for Kyrgyzstan. Detailed Information about obtaining a visa for Kyrgyzstan can be found in our “Useful Information” section.

Clothing and Equipment

- Personal hygiene products
- Sunscreen (at least 20SPF)
- Chapstick or equivalent lip balm
- Water bottles
- Trekking shoes
- Sandals or other footwear to wade the rivers
- Sunglasses with good UV protection
- At least a 45 liter backpack
- Additional 25 Liter backpack for personal items during outings
- Sleeping bag (for temperatures -10 ˚ -15 ˚C)
- Sleeping mat
- Telescopic trekking sticks poles
- Headlamp with a set of extra batteries 

- Warm (and hot) weather apparel 
- Lightweight shoes for trekking and city visits (sneakers, sandals)
- Trekking pants
- Thermal underwear or something else to sleep overnight in the tent 
- Windproof or other lightweight jacket
- Waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex preferably) with hood
- Waterproof pants (Gore-Tex preferably)
- 2 T-Shirts
- 2 long-sleeved T-Shirts
- Shorts
- Polar or “Windstopper”-material jacket 
- Woolen socks - 2 pairs (for sleeping in tents), cotton socks - 3 pairs
- Beanie/stocking cap 
- Thin gloves for trekking and overnight