Kyrgyzstan and Sunday market in Kashgar


Kyrgyzstan is an amazing mountainous country with fresh air, crystal clear water rivers and great nature. High summits with white tops and green summer pastures, here you may make the best pictures of all your travels. But that’s not all, here we offer you not only to get acquainted with our beautiful country but also visit the famous Sunday market in Kashgar in China which will be a great addition to your trip. Colorful, bright, lively and busy market – this will be the most interesting shopping in your life!

Our tour will start in Bishkek – the capital of Kyrgyzstan where you will have an excursion and after that the road will take us to one of the most wonderful places in Central Asia – second biggest alpine lake in the world, Lake Issyk-Kul. After spending there some time we will continue exploring Kyrgyzstan with visiting the town which still has the spirit of tsarist Russia and the beautiful mountain gorge called Djeti-Oguz (seven bulls) with the huge red stone formations reminding of seven bulls going one after another into the “eternity”.

The next place which will be a great experience for you is the place of Son-Kul lake. The lake surrounded only by meadows, hills and mountains give your eyes so much relaxation as there are no skyscrapers, tall buildings, there are no trees and even no bushes that could disturb your sight. The yurts, that you may find on the shores of the lake look like white minarets and take your thought somewhere high, you start to feel that you are a part of a huge world and you are not its center anymore, you are a small piece of the whole. After you find the harmony somewhere deep in you we are offering you to plunge into the busy life of human beings by visiting Kashgar, where you will have an opportunity to observe the life of an anthill. The people here are moving, moving, moving… They are like little ants going the way only they know and looking for the things that sometimes only they need. And it can be so contagious – after a while you start looking around yourself and suddenly remember so many things you wanted to buy, but never got a chance or you see something you have never thought existed, you fall in love with those things and try to buy them right away.  After you have done all your shopping of the things you need and don’t need want you to relax, so we will take you to the south of Kyrgyzstan, to Osh town where after a small excursion to the sacred mountain of Suleiman-Too you will come on the board of a plane to fly back to Bishkek.

So, here we will be, in Bishkek and after having such a great trip we will be fed with the farewell dinner and wait for the flight home. Like it? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Duration: 12 days 
Countries: Kyrgyzstan and China
Best time: Middle of June – Middle of September
Activity: Leisure, Shopping, Auto tour, Excursions

Day  1 Bishkek. Aeroport "Manas", city tour.   Hotel B/L/D 
Day  2  Drive to Cholpon-Ata. Excursion to an open air museum. Hotel B/L/D  
Day  3  Leisure in the moring and then transfer to town of Karakol.  Hotel B/L/D  
Day  4  Drive to Djeti-Oguz gorge and then to Kochkorka village. Guest house B/L/D  
Day  5  Crafts show in the morning. Transfer to lake Son-Kul yurts B/L/D  
Day  6 Drive to the town of Naryn Guest house B/L/D  
Day  7 Cross the border with China. Drive to Kashgar. Hotel B/L/D  
Day  8  Kashgar. City tour. Hotel B/L/D
Day  9 Kashgar. Sunday market. Hotel B/L/D 
Day  10 Transfer to Osh town (Kyrgyzstan). Guest house B/L/D 
Day  11 City tour in Osh. Flight back to Bishkek Hotel B/L/D
Day  12 Departure   B/

Price for the groups based on twin room accommodation:



Price (hotel 3*)

Price (hotel 4*)

Price (hotel 5*)























Single supplement





Price includes:

- Transport according to the program
- Accommodation according to the program
- Guide
- Meals - Full board (B/L/D) 
- Entrance fees according to the program
Hotel 3* /hotel 4* / Hotel 5* with breakfast at hotel
- Flight from Osh to Bishkek 

 Price doesn’t include:

- Visa
- Any personal expenses in the hotel (international calls, alcohol, etc.)
- Alcohol beverages
- Tips
- Any changes in the program
- International flights

Program:  12 days
Countries: Kyrgyzstan and China
Best time: Middle of June – Middle of September
Activity: Leisure, Shopping, Auto tour, Excursions

Day 1. Bishkek
Arrival to Bishkek, meeting at the airport “Manas”, transfer to “Asia Mountains” hotel, accommodation. Lunch at the hotel of “Asia Mountains”.
We will have city tour around Bishkek today with visiting many places that saved the atmosphere of Soviet times. The biggest influence of the soviet epoch is felt in the center of the town where you may see the raw of good soviet time architecture examples: Philharmonic, Government building, Historical museum, Victory square. Along with them you will see the modern Kyrgyz architecture, such as: Manas monument, Courage monument, different monuments for akyns (poets), manaschy (people who told the legend about Manas) and the local rulers of different times.  Bishkek is known as one of the most ecological towns in the world, due to lots of green parks saving the shadow and coolness even in the hottest summer day and we will visit one of them which is called Oak park. Dinner and overnight in “Asia Mountains” hotel. 

Day 2. Bishkek - Cholpon-Ata
In the morning we will be transferred to Cholpon-Ata town. Visiting the historical-architectural complex of Burana tower (X – XI AC) on the way. Then we will go through the Boom gorge into Issyk-Kul valley. When we arrive to Cholpon-Ata town we will visit a unique monument of Bronze epoch – an open air museum of stone inscriptions – petrogliphs. The beginning of these “art galleries” was made by Andronovo tribes (II c BC). The tribes of Saka (VIII-III c BC) continued the evolution of this kind of art and their pictures are all made in “Animal style” attracting attention by the skill and the realism they are made with. We will have free time in the evening to enjoy the waters of the lake and to make great pictures of the sunset on the shores of the second biggest alpine lake in the world. Issyk-Kul is translated from Kyrgyz language as the warm lake and it clearly follows its name as it never freezes in winter even despite its high location. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3. Cholpon-Ata - Karakol
After breakfast we will have free time to swim in the lake and after lunch we will be transferred to Karakol town.  In 1869 captain baron Kaulbars which was given a task to find a good place for the new town came here and ordered to found the military administrative center on the way of Great Silk Road going from Chu valley to Kashgar. This date became the date of town founding named by the river it stayed on – Karakol. Overnight in the hotel. 

Day 4. Karakol – Kochkorka
After breakfast we will make a little excursion around Karakol town with the visit of Church built in 19th century and the Dungan Mosque. Then we will be transferred to Djeti-Oguz gorge along the eastern shore of Issyk-Kul lake. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. For 25km. on both sides of the gorge the fir trees are growing at first merging into small groups and then turning into huge forest mass. There are amazing subalpine and alpine meadows called Jailoo. We will spend our time here till noon and then go to the place of our next night stay in Kochkorka village. Dinner. Overnight in home stay. 

Day 5. Kochkorka – Son-Kul.
In the morning after breakfast we will see the crafts show. You will see how Kyrgyz people make their carpets and will have a chance to visit the handicrafts museum where you may even buy some souvenirs for your relatives and friends. After that we will be transferred to an amazing mountain lake Son-Kul which is opened only in summer as all the roads and the lake itself is covered with snow for the rest of the year. Dinner and overnight in local yurts.

Day 6. Son-Kul – Naryn
In the morning you may enjoy the view of the lake, have rest and have a little walk to the place where you may find the ancient stone inscriptions. On the shores of the lake and on surrounding hills there is a great amount of different kinds of grass, some of them are considered to be curative. But what is really amazing is that there are fields of edelweiss, with their form and structure it seems as if the stars are not there over you but here under your feet and you may not only reach them but also pick one up for the person you love. After lunch we will be transferred to Naryn. Overnight in guest house. 

Day 7. Naryn – Torugart - Kashgar
In the morning after breakfast we will go to Torugart pass and cross the border with China. And drive to Kashgar. Dinner and overnight in the hotel in Kashgar.

Day 8. Kashgar
Today we will have city tour in Kashgar. We will start from Id Kah mosque which was built in the middle of XV century. The pray hall of this mosque may hold about 4000 prayers. After that we will drive to Abakh Khoja tomb; it’s an ancient Islamic complex and a cemetery. In the eastern part of it you will see the biggest dome structure in Xinjiang. After lunch we will have free time to rest. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 9. Kashgar Sunday market
Today after breakfast we will devote our day to Sunday market of Kashgar. On Sunday it seems that all Central Asia is here. You may see the people from all Central Asian countries which are busy with bargain and trying to get the best deal. Evening free. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 10. Kashgar – Osh
Today, early in the morning we will go to the West, to Irkishtam border with Kyrgyzstan. After crossing the border we will drive to Osh town where we will have dinner and accommodate in the guesthouse. 

Day 11. Osh and flight to Bishkek
In the morning, after breakfast we will have an excursion around Osh. Osh is the second biggest town of Kyrgyzstan after Bishkek with the population about 250 thousand people. It was one of the religious Muslim centers in Central Asia. It is known by its ancient mosques in the center of the town and also by Suleiman-Too (The throne of Solomon), which is one of the places of pilgrimage of central Asian Muslims and to which we will have an excursion after lunch. Suleiman mountain is one of the most significant historical monuments in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the center of Osh. The triple ascent onto the mountain is considered to be equal to one Hajj to Mecca. In one of the caves of the mountain we will visit the museum and after that get ready for the flight back to Bishkek. We will be met at the airport and transferred to “Asia Mountains” hotel where we will have dinner and farewell party.

Day 12. Flight home.
We will be transferred to the airport where the flight home will be waiting for you. 

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