Travel along Central Asia

Great Silk Road: China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran

Trade caravan trails went over the mountain passes of Pamir and Tian-Shan from India and China to Central Asia. New towns were founded and destroyed on their way but the Great Silk Road during many centuries stayed unchanged. From the ancient times three branches of Great Silk Road went through the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan. Very often poets, writers, philosophers and pilgrims traveled along with the caravans. With them they brought their own traditions, religions and ideas.

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The fairy tales of Shaherezada: Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan

Tour “The fairy tales of Shaherizada” is a tour to the oriental fairy tale where you’ll get acquainted with an ancient history and culture of Uzbekistan. You will see world known monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. These ancient cities keep memories about Alexander the Great, Chingiz-Khan and numerous trade caravans of the Great Silk Road. Amazing nature of Kyrgyzstan and wonderful Issy Kul lake will give you unforgettable memories and a wish to come back again.

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Kyrgyzstan and Sunday market in Kashgar

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing mountainous country with fresh air, crystal clear water rivers and great nature. High summits with white tops and green summer pastures, here you may make the best pictures of all your travels. But that’s not all, here we offer you not only to get acquainted with our beautiful country but also visit the famous Sunday market in Kashgar in China which will be a great addition to your trip. Colorful, bright, lively and busy market – this will be the most interesting shopping in your life!

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Whole Asia in 25 days!

Asia is the unique place on the Earth where along with high buildings and Mercedes brand cars you may find people riding horses and living in yurts (round steppe houses), along with european short cocktail dresses you may see women dressed in national clothes from head to feet, along with huge malls you still have a chance to go through narrow rows of flea market having everything what your soul may need. Now you have a great chance to see it all and to get acquainted with a unique place of the world called Asia!

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