Honeymoon tours

Extreme tour for two

Relaxing on the beach, trekking, horseback riding, rafting, and the climbing to the peak with the symbolic name "East" - this all is waiting for you! Our tour begins with the arrival in the capital of our beautiful mountainous country, where the photographer is already going to be waiting for newlyweds. Very often, the couple can not bring good joint pictures from their honeymoon as they have to constantly ask strangers to capture their happy faces...

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2 weeks just for 2 of you

Memorable, original, adventure tour for two of you for two weeks. The most beautiful places of the country - mountains, lakes, snow-capped peaks, forests, waterfalls, all of this will complement your unusual wedding trip in the outback of Central Asia. You will be able to drive through the paths of the Great Silk Road, to see the beautiful mountain lake Issyk-Kul, visit the base camp at the famous seventhousander - Lenin Peak and much more...

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