The charm of the East!

This trip combines history, tradition and oriental food - that is all the charm of the East! You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the architecture of the capital of Uzbekistan, become a part of the legend of the mysterious enchanting Khiva, walk through the narrow streets of Bukhara, where once went trade caravans, visit the majestic Samarkand - the capital of Tamerlane Leader and enjoy the hospitality of the warm Fergana Valley.

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Places to visit: Tashkent - Khiva - Bukhara - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand - Fergana - Marghilan – Rishton - Kokand - Tashkent.
Season: March, April, May, September, October.
Day of arrival: Every day (HY)
Days of departure: Every day (HY)

Day 1 - Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent by HY 604 at 16:55. Meeting at the airport by the representative and transfer to the selected hotel, free time. 

Day 2 - Tashkent

Breakfast. Start sightseeing in Tashkent with a visit of the old town, in the center of which mosque Hast Imam Complex is located, one of the oldest Korans Osman, brought by Amir Temur is preserved here. The complex is located on Tarikh, where you will find old houses built of clay. Next will be a visit to one of the largest bazaars in Central Asia - Chorsu through which the ancient caravans passed. After reviewing the historical part of the city, we will move into the modern part of Tashkent. Then, after dinner, we will have the opportunity to ride on the metro and get acquainted with one of the main sights of Tashkent  - the underground. Then we will visit the Independence Square, the monument "Sorrowful Mother", Opera and Ballet Theatre of Alisher Navoi, the square of Amir Temur and the Roman Catholic Church, which is a beautiful and unique architectural construction, made in the Gothic style. 

Day 3 - Tashkent - Urgench

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for flight to Urgench. Arrival, transfer to Khiva and accommodation. Start of excursion. Khiva is called “an open air museum”. Throughout there are towering dome minarets, madrasahs and mosques close to the residential areas of the townspeople. You will see the biggest mosque of Khiva, which has turned more than a thousand years. Visit the Khan's palace of the oriental ruler, mosque-madrasa Atajan Toura, Mausoleum Abdal – Bobo, get familiar with the cult and architecture. Dinner at the restaurant. Continue sightseeing. Visit the Ichan Kala. This is an internal fortified city. An important landmark, which retained typical old eastern cities complex network of small streets and dead ends. The complex includes such historic sites as: Kun Ark Kalta Minor, Muhammad Amin Khan, Tash Hawley, Ak Mosque, Pahlavan Mahmud Islam Khoja. Overnight at the hotel - madrasah, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in the cells, where lived the students of the ancient eastern universities. 

Day 4 - Khiva - Bukhara

Breakfast. Moving from Khiva to Bukhara. The road passes through the Kyzyl Kum desert and the Amu Darya River,  we will be able to see Kum Reserve, home to ibex and large lizards. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Bukhara, accommodation at the selected hotel. Free time.

Day 5 - Bukhara

Breakfast. Start excursions. Beautiful Bukhara is a city of thousands legends. The narrow shadowy streets, bazaars under the arches of the domes. Almost every town has its own history. Bukhara is a small city, but an abundance of landmarks makes it really great. Since ancient times there lived Eastern sages - Sufis, Avicenna, and the mythical character - a cheerful Khoja Nasreddin, whose statue stands in the heart of Labi Havuza. You will visit the Mausoleum of the Samanids, Chashma Ayub, Kalon Mosque and Madrasah, summer and winter palaces of the Emir, Chor Minor, Labi Hauz and Miri Arab. We will continue our tour to Ulugbek and finish it in the trading dome, where time seems to stand still. Taking a walk under the arches of the domes, you feel like a resident of the ancient times. Bukhara bazaar - is another story. During a walk through the market, you get to knoa the real East. The widest selection of spices, ancient jewelry, textiles and skullcaps strikes the eye even of the most experienced person. Of course, the trade in the East - is an art which is passed from generation to generation.

Day 6 - Bukhara - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand

Breakfast. Moving to Karshi, on the way, we will see Kishlak Hodzhailgor, where Amir Temur was born. Arrival and the beginning of the excursion program.

Shakhrisyabz is the birthplace of the great military leader Tamerlane. It is also called the city of miracles, because of the healing springs. You will visit the Ak Sarai Palace, the Mausoleum of Jahangir, the Mausoleum of Saadat and Dorus Kuk Gumbaz. Lunch on the way. Next we wil move from Shakhrisyabz to Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkand, Accommodation at the hotel. Before dinner, we will visit the winery them Khovrenko where the famous taster Haydaraka will take us through the museum of winery's history, then we will go to the tasting room to taste the best wines in Rubio praised by Omar Khayyam and cognac - Samarkand, so much loved by the Russian government. Especially for Medvedev the limited edition cognac - Crown of the Empire was created 

Day 7 - Samarkand

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour in Samarkand, which is considered to be the Rome of the East and the pearl of Central Asia, it always was a tasty morsel for many of the world conquerors and it was the capital of Tamerlane. You will visit the observatory of Ulugbek - the greatest astronomer, Registan square - the center of the Silk Road and the resting place of Sultans and padishahs, Siyob bazaar, Shahi Zinda necropolis - city of the dead, but with an incredibly positive and peaceful energy. On both sides of the narrow streets there are small mausoleums under the blue domes decorated with turquoise marble. In the old shops you can see photos of old Samarkand and its inhabitants, the Gur-e Amir - the mausoleum of the great Timurid’s Empire, which holds the remains of Amir Temur - the commander, who never lost a single battle in his life. 

Day 8 - Samarkand - Tashkent - Fergana

Breakfast. Moving to Fergana, via Tashkent. On the way we will have a few stops where we can rest from the road, listen to interesting stories and see some sights. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Ferghana, accommodation at the hotel. Dinner at the tea-house, we will try the main dish of Fergana - pilaf made from a special type of rice. 

Day 9 - Fergana - Rishton - Kokand - Tashkent

Breakfast. Moving from Ferghana in Kokand. Kokand is famous for its ancient monuments, literature, arts and crafts. Visiting the palace of Khudoyar Khan, the last ruler of the Kokand Khanate. Lunch on the way at the national tea house. Transfer to Tashkent, we are going back through the pass called "Kamchik dovony" and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views. Arrival in Tashkent. End of the excursions. Transfer to airport for flight home.

At your request, we can arrange for you:

- Camel Riding in Khiva
- Dinner with folklore program in Khiva
- Dinner with folklore program in Bukhara
- Visit of Bukhara baths
- Master class in cooking pilaf and bread in Bukhara
- Visit of the carpet factory in Samarkand
- Visit and tasting at the winery of Khovrenko
- Night view of the Registan in Samarkand

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