Dervish of the desert

Feel yourself a part of the desert. Visit the most arid regions of the country, have a great adventure coupled with a visit of the centuries-old monuments in Central Asia.

Duration: 14 days / 13 nights
Places to visit: Urgench - Nukus - Muinak (Aral Sea) - Khiva - Toprak Kala - Bukhara - Nurata - Kyzyl Kum Desert - Lake Aydarkul - Forish - Canyon Sarmish - Namangan - Samarkand.
Season: March, April, May, late August, September, October.
Day of arrival: Monday (HY) and Wednesday (Ural)
Departure Days: Wednesday and Friday (HY) 

Day 1 - Nukus.

Arrival to Nukus on Mondays by HY 626 at 19:20 on Wednesdays flight U6 2997 at 15:00. Transfer to hotel, free time.

Day 2 - Nukus - Muinak - Nukus

Breakfast. Departure from the hotel, transfer to Muinak - "ships’ cemetery." This place used to be a great port of the Aral Sea. Now this place is dead, and reminds us of the consequences of the ecological disaster of the Aral Sea. We will see the abandoned ships, the remains of crocodiles which once lived here, and if lucky, get to know a special kind of lizard found in the region. To date Muinak ranks first in Central Asia for the extraction of salt. It is considered to be the northernmost point of Uzbekistan. After the tour, return to Nukus. Upon arrival, if possible, visit the ethnical Museum of Savitsky, where there are relics of the people of Karakalpakstan. Dinner in a traditional style, we will try traditional cuisine of Karakalpakstan.

Day 3 - Nukus - Toprak Kala - Khiva

Breakfast. Departure from the hotel to the ancient fortress of Khorezm Khanate. Our road lies through the valley of the wandering sand. Upon arrival we will visit castles. In ancient times, people lived here in Khorezm, where they practiced the art of pottery and manufacture of carpets. Khiva carpets were considered the be the best on the Great Silk Road. Returning to Khiva, accommodation in madrasah, spending the night in the cells, where once lived the students of Eastern schools. Dinner with folklore show. You truly will be surprised by the traditional Khorezm region, colorful costumes, rousing rhythms and dances. Only here you will be able to enjoy a special dish called tukhum Barak. Having a nice evening!

Day 4 - Khiva

Seeing the dawn in Khiva, which is wonderful. At the dawn, and at night the city has a special beauty.

The second name of Khiva is an open air museum. We will visit the legendary building of Khorezm Khanate – Ichankala, which was built after all the other forts and was the most resilient and fit for habitation. It survived the invasion of enemies and became a safe haven for the people. We will get acquainted with the people and to this day live in a fortress. Ichankala - translated as inner walled city.

An important landmark, which is its layout, which retained typical old eastern cities complex network of small streets and dead ends. The complex includes

themselves such historical monuments as: Kun Ark Kalta Minor, Muhammad Amin Khan, Tash Hawley, Ak Mosque, Pahlavan Mahmud Islam Khoja. Dinner.

Day 5 - Khiva - Bukhara

Breakfast. Moving from Khiva to Bukhara. The road passes through the Kyzyl Kum desert and the Amu Darya River, as we can see Kum Reserve, home to ibex and large lizards. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Bukhara, accommodation at the selected hotel. Free time.

Day 6 - Bukhara

Breakfast. Start excursions. Beautiful Bukhara is a city of thousands legends. The narrow shadowy streets, bazaars under the arches of the domes. Almost every town has its own history. Bukhara is a small city, but an abundance of landmarks makes it really great. Since ancient times there lived Eastern sages - Sufis, Avicenna, and the mythical character - a cheerful Khoja Nasreddin, whose statue stands in the heart of Labi Havuza. You will visit the Mausoleum of the Samanids, Chashma Ayub, Kalon Mosque and Madrasah, summer and winter palaces of the Emir, Chor Minor, Labi Hauz and Miri Arab. We will continue our tour to Ulugbek and finish it in the trading dome, where time seems to stand still. Taking a walk under the arches of the domes, you feel like a resident of the ancient times. Bukhara bazaar - is another story. During a walk through the market, you get to knoa the real East. The widest selection of spices, ancient jewelry, textiles and skullcaps strikes the eye even of the most experienced person. Of course, the trade in the East - is an art which is passed from generation to generation.

Day 7 - Bukhara - Nurata - Sarmish Canyon - Lake Aydarkul

Breakfast. Drive to Aydarkul. On the way visit Nuratau - holy spring. If  to translate it from Arabic it means the “light beam”. It means that from the early times people came here with the desire to be healed. It is said that at night, the fish which live here are shining with a bright light. On the way we will visit the canyon of Sarmish where there are petroglyphs (stone inscriptions). After that we will arrive to the lake Aydarkul. The endless dunes of Kyzyl-Kum, surrounded by sand dunes and rare haloxylon, bright sun dazzles the eye when you're tired of the road and ask yourself the question, "Is there anyone alive here?" away in dunes there is a yurt camp "Idar" and ethno-village of nomads. We will stay in yurt camp. Here you will find a surprising number of interesting things. Swimming in the lake, camel riding, familiarity with the ethnic group of nomads. An unforgettable dinner under the stars. The peculiar local bard songs will bring us back to the past. At the request of the organization ensemble performances Beshkarsak - a unique ensemble of nomads who plays music without a modern musical instrument, their rhythms create a special vibrations in the body and the soul. Night in the desert.

Day 8 - Lake Aydarkul - Forish - Namangan - Samarkand

Breakfast. Drive to Samarkand. The road will lie through picturesque places where people rarely set their foot. A landscapes are replaced one by another. Green mountains, yellow sands, ancient settlements. If possible, we will visit the only ostrich farm in Uzbekistan Forish (Paris). Such a fun name was given to the city by Amir Temur, who called all the small towns by the names of cities of the world, to show the grandeur of his beloved city of Samarkand to the world. For lunch, we will stop in Namangan, where we will try the delicious, great, best-known samsa in Uzbekistan. Arrival in Samarkand - Rome of the East, the pearl of Central Asia, a tasty morsel for many of the world conquerors. Accommodation at the hotel. Before dinner, we will visit the winery them Khovrenko where the famous taster Haydaraka will take us through the museum of winery's history, then we will go to the tasting room to taste the best wines in Rubio praised by Omar Khayyam and cognac - Samarkand, so much loved by the Russian government. Especially for Medvedev the limited edition cognac - Crown of the Empire was created.

Day 9 - Samarkand

Breakfast. Our tour will start with numerous monuments of Samarkand which are the architectural and cultural heritage of mankind protected by UNESCO. We will start with a visit of the observatory of the great mathematician and astronomer Ulugbek. He created the Astrolabe, which is currently used by British and American scientists to calculate the position of the stars. After that, we will go to Shahizinda necropolis - city of the dead, but with an incredibly positive and peaceful energy. On both sides of the narrow streets there are small mausoleums under the blue domes decorated with turquoise marble. In the old shops you can see photos of old Samarkand and its inhabitants. After that, we will drive to one of the most important markets on the Silk Road - Siyob Bazaar, where you will be able to buy the eastern halva and famous unique Samarkand bread. Continuation of the program in the afternoon; we will have to wait for the owner of a carpet factory, where they grow silkworms and make the hand-woven carpets of high quality. Here you can enjoy a display of wool, silk, and other bilateral rugs. Dinner in the national yard of Hussein’s mother, where you will find a warm atmosphere.

Day 10 – Flight home.

End of the program. Transfer to the airport. 

By your request, we may arrange for you:

- Camel Riding in Khiva
- Dinner with folklore program in Khiva
- Dinner with folklore program in Bukhara
- Visit of Bukhara baths
- Master class in cooking pilaf and bread in Bukhara
- Visit of a carpet factory in Samarkand
- Visit and tasting at the winery Khovrenko
- Night view of the Registan in Samarkand

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