Photo tour on holiday Nooruz, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

East is a delicate matter, so delicate that not everyone can understand, and most importantly appreciate the beauty, identity, cultural heritage, handed down for centuries from generation to generation, simplicity and kindness of Asian people who are happy to see every guest, who do not lock the door and always ready to serve the stranger a piece of bread. Smiling and friendly they store chocolates in the closet and put them on the table only in front of the visitor, showing their respect and esteem. A person, being in the atmosphere of love and harmony, receives only positive emotions, and his eyes bloom, throwing out the shell of grey everyday life of the metropolis and the callousness of the material world.

Culture of Asian peoples deserves a special attention: You will participate in spectacular games, which had not lost their uniqueness in the period of the Soviet realm, try yourself in the manufacture of pottery and painting, taste exquisite dishes, such as fragrant rice, juicy kebab and famous eastern sumalyak, a symbol of the New Year and a new life. You will dive into the history of Central Asia, visit a huge number of monuments that struck by their beauty and splendor, imposing an  imprint of antiquity on us and destroying the myths of primitive human deeds of bygone centuries. Bright, splashy, cheerful bazaar will not leave you indifferent, take, look, choose and buy - these are the basic principles of trade in amazing Asia!

And most importantly, the most treasured on this tour is that you can take with you the most valuable and share it with others - beautiful pictures, that's our goal. Goal that will haunt us throughout the trip: beautiful sunrises, spectacular sunsets, magnificent buildings, amazing landscapes and flavorful dishes, you can take this all with you!

Join us and we promise to give you your personal piece of the East!

Duration: 8 days 
Countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan 
Best time: March
Activity: Photo-tour, Master-class

Day  1 Arrival. Bukhara. National home "Doston"  Hotel B/L/D 
Day  2  Bukhara. City tour Hotel B/L/D  
Day  3  Bukhara - Gijduvan - Samarkand - 280 km   Hotel B/L/D  
Day  4  Samarkand. City tour Hotel B/L/D  
Day  5  Samarkand - Tashkent - Parkent - 380 km  Home stay B/L/D  
Day  6 Parkent - Kokand - 300 km Hotel B/L/D  
Day  7 Kokand - Rishton - Fergana - 260 km. Cross the border "Dostyk"  Guest house B/L/D  
Day  8  Osh. Flight home   B/L/-


Price per person based on double room accommodation - 2225 USD

Price per person based on accommodation in a single room - 2415 USD


Price includes:

- Participation in the celebration of the New Year on the astronomical calendar ( Nooruz );
- Comfortable transport;
- Accommodation in hotels, guest houses and houses of locals (category 3-4 *);
- Guide (support) along the route;
- Tickets (historical monuments);
- Meals: breakfast and dinner - master classes in the program;
- Photo master-class.

Price doesn't include:

- Flight from home to Bukhara, Osh - home;
- Fees for photo and video;
- Local sim- card ( Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan) ;
- Additional services under the program;
- Medical insurance.

Program: 8 days
Location: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
Time: March
Activity: Photo Tour - Master Class

Day 1: Bukhara - March 16

16:20 . Arrival in Bukhara.
17:00 . Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel (13 km, 20 min road).17:30 . Accommodation in " Asia Bukhara ."
17:30 - 18:30 . Rest at the hotel.
18:45 – A little walk to the national home "Doston ." Celebrating the arrival of a group. Dinner - Festive Bukhara pilaf.Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Bukhara - March 17

6:20. Early wake up before dawn to go to an interesting viewpoint.
6:30 - 7:20. By agreement with the local authorities, we will go up to the Kalyan minaret or Ark, where we will be able to capture the photo of the city from above.
7:30 - 8:30. Breakfast at the hotel.
8:30 - 18:35. Move out to the old town, where we will see the craft series and make some photos before lunch. If desired, the group may go on an organized tour to the monuments : Ismail Samani mausoleum, Chashma Ayub mausoleum, oriental bazaar and Bolo Hauz Mosque. Lunch in town on your own. Continuation of the survey and sightseeing. Survey monuments Poi Kalyan at sunset and climb to the Ark for photograph.
19:20. Starting master class in madrasah "Gov Kushon" and later we will have dinner. On the master class we offer you to split into three groups and cook Uzbek national dish "Manty" with different fillings (meat, pumpkin, potatoes ). A variety of sauces and salads are also prepared for this dish.
Night in hotel.

Day 3: Bukhara - Gijduvan - Samarkand - 280 km – March 18

7:00 - 8:15. Breakfast at the hotel.
8.30. Transfer to Samarkand via Gijduvan.
9:50 - 10:30. In Gizhduvan we will see the workshop of the famous potter in Central Asia - Abdullah Narzullaev. We will be able to view the entire process of pottery production and may make great photos. You may try to paint your own ceramic plate and get it as a souvenir.
10:40 - 12:00. Moving to the monuments of XII century: caravanserai "Rabat Malik" and Sardoba. Making photos of the monuments.
12:30 - 13:30. Lunch at the teahouse in Karman (personal order from the menu).
13:30. Continue moving to Samarkand.
17:00. Arrival in Samarkand and accommodation in hotel "Asia Samarkand" in a 3-minute walk from the monuments of Registan and Bibi Khanum.17:30 - 18:45. Sunset at 18:30. So immediately after arrival and accommodation we will go on Registan Square, where by the agreement with the local authorities we will go up onto the roof of Ulugbek madrasah to make photos from above.
19:00 - 21:00. Dinner at the national house.
21:00. Return to the hotel and on the road make photos of Gur Emir and Registan Square in the dark. (Gur Emir is lighted at night while Registan Square is not).
Overnight at hotel.

Day 4: Samarkand - March 19

6:30 - 7:30. At sunrise we will go for shooting the ensembles and monuments Shahi Zinda and Bibi Khanum.
7:30 - 9:00. Breakfast at the hotel.
9:30 - 12:45. Transport to the ensemble of monuments "Shahi Zinda". On this monument we will spend one and half hours here. Then walk to the mosque "Bibi Khanum " and an oriental bazaar " Siab". In the afternoon we have to be on "Registan" square to make photos.
Lunch and continuation of filming and photo excursions to 18:30. According to the plan we will visit Ulugbek Observatory, Afrasiab Museum and again Registan square in the evening.
19:00. Meeting at the hotel.
19:30. Dinner at a restaurant in town, where they cook the most delicious "Kebabs ".br
Overnight at hotel.

Day 5: Samarkand - Tashkent - Parkent - 380 km – March 20

7:00 - 8:00. Breakfast at the hotel.
8:00. Moving to Parkent via Tashkent (380 km, 4:30 hours drive to Tashkent). Dinner in Tashkent. If tyou have a desire to see the colorful bazaar, the bazaar in Tashkent just fits.
13:30 - 14:30. Lunch in the city, in the center of pilaf. This is the greatest "pilaf Center" throughout Asia, here you will see a big cauldrons, in which there is a huge number of simultaneously prepared pilaf. Chef gladly allowes to photograph all the process and they sometimes arrange a real culinary show. (Dinner is not included ).
14:45. Moving to Parkent.
16.00. Check in and get acquainted with the families, today we will accommodate in a group of national homes. (2 or 4 people in the family).
16:30. Participation in the preparation of the national dish - sumalyak, which is cooked only in spring and on a holiday of Nooruz. Dinner. Songs and dances. Festivities.
Night in families.
You definitely need to bring from your homeland a few stones (pebbles) or Greek nuts to throw them into the cauldron where the brown mass of sumalyak is brewed and make the most sincere wish. If you find a nut or a stone, consider that your desire will be fulfilled. 

Legend about Sumalak and Nooruz:
Long ago in one of the fortresses of Khorezm people lived very happily. But one day, the enemy invaded the land and began to besiege the fortress to seize this thriving city. Fortunately, the fortress was well fortified by high walls. No enemy could enter the city without a well-prepared siege. In the event of an invasion, the inhabitants had the secrets of how to survive and resist the enemy. Food stock in the fortress was quite big to serve for a long time. But the enemy besieged the fortress for more than six months... And when the enemy realized that they can’t fight anymore, they are not in force to take over the city, and they had no supplies, they decided to leave the place. Brave defenders watched as the enemy left the mound, they wanted to teach and to punish them. In order to banish them forever from these lands, warriors pursue them. Like any war that never ends it wasn’t lossless and during the battles, there were losses on both sides. When brave men returned to the castle, all the inhabitants of the fortress were happy, except for some families who lost their men. In one family, the woman was left alone with eight young children. Cold winter began. Food was scarce, since the entire winter reserves were almost all given to defenders during the siege.
How to soothe a crying baby from hunger? But the woman was very brave, intelligent and resourceful. Digging the ground she found the roots of different plants under the snow and invented all sorts of dishes for her kids hoping to survive until spring.
But ... one day closer to spring, one of the kids told to her:
- Mom, before, when you were preparing the meal, it came with some flavor. And now, this food has no taste or color...
But a smart woman said, giving hope to their children:
- Go to sleep, my family, you soon will have delicious food and everything will be as before...
Poor woman, not knowing what to do next, asked her older children to bring all the bags out of the closet where the grain was stored, hoping that little seeds would remain in them... When children brought all the bags, they were soggy and wet, and all corns, which remained invisible, have sprouted...
For the whole night the mother was wondering how to find a new recipe for her kids to calm them down...
Finally, she found how to feed their children, but did not expect that this food will be nutritious and sweet...
What she came up with?...
Are you interested?! Well, then you will learn the continuation of this legend from the lips of the locals when you participate in the celebration of Nooruz , and of course will prepare food together with the legendary inhabitants.

Day 6: Parkent - Kokand - 300 km, March 21 

7:30 - 9:00. Breakfast. This morning you will participate in the ceremony of the legendary food supply "Sumalak ." Sumalak is a dish that is prepared for the coming of spring, once a year, in order to restore lost power and refill with vitamins. According to the custom, this food is served at the table from the hands of women in old age. First served to children, and then to the rest.
9:30. Today we will change the transportation, as the road to Ferghana Valley through the pass Kamchik is prohibited to the movement of buses. Therefore, we will go on cars, three people in one. 

We will get to a place where the competition Ulak (Kupkari, Buzkashi) will take place - the most common type of equestrian sports in the whole Central Asia and Afghanistan. In Uzbekistan, the sport is organized in the early spring and late fall. And it has to be on the occasions: weddings, birthdays. Organizer is usually an elder man in the family who celebrates three significant dates; marriage of his son, circumcision of his grandson and his birthday - 63 years (the age of the Prophet). Game winners receive prizes from the organizer and those who have made their bid to help this family. Prizes for this contest are; a car, a good horse, camel, bull, cow, carpet, TV, sheep, goat and cash prizes. This game is for real men!
You also recommended to bring souvenirs for the winners. 

13:30. Moving to Kokand. Stopping at the pass "Kamchik" for photo shoot.
17:00. Arrival in Kokand. Walk around Kokand, shooting of interesting places and monuments in Kokand .
18.00. Accommodation at the hotel.
19:00. Dinner in town or at the hotel.

Day 7: Kokand - Rishton - Fergana - 260 km, March 22

7:00 - 8:00. Breakfast at the hotel.
8:00 - 8:30. Photo shot of the Khudayar Khan palace, with the morning sun.
8.30. Moving to Rishton (45 km). Rishton is the oldest center for the production of magnificent ceramics. You may not only buy unusual gifts to your loved ones, but also observe the process of the production of ceramics.
11:00. Moving to the border "Dostyk" (95 km, 2 hours).
13:00 - 14:00. Stop for lunch in Shamal Bugs - 30 min drive to the border.
15:00. Crossing the border.
16.00. Meeting on the Kyrgyz border. Transfer to Osh and accommodation in the guest house.
Accommodation at the guest house is not in the city center, it’s going to be in the Uzbek district. Closer to the program, we will learn the possibility of visiting Uzbek or Kyrgyz wedding this evening.
In the meantime, rest after a hard day. At sunset we will climb the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too for a photo shoot.
Return to the guest house. Dinner. 

Day 8: Osh and flight home, March 23 

After breakfast, we will go to the Bazaar for shooting the work of smith. Walk through the oriental bazaar, which is located along the river Ak
If a group has a desire and time, we will go to see another game of Ulak Tartysh whichwill be specially arranged for a group in the village of Kara- Suu, 25 km from the city of Osh.
15:0. Departure to the airport.

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