Photo tour in Central Asia

Ancient cities of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are ready to share the most intimate things with you, to show their old Islamic architectural monuments, reveal to you the secrets of the Silk Road, which will set your imagination free and be able to convey the feeling of a once forgotten fairy tale. Magnificent ancient buildings, ruins of forgotten cities, beautiful sceneries of snowy mountains, deserts and beautiful valleys. This tour will open up all the colors of the traditions, art and modern history. The travelling throught the cities of the Great Silk Road will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval Asia. In addition, the hospitable locals will be happy to introduce you with their good ancient customs and national traditions. Gorgeous madrassahs and mosques can personalize the spirit of oriental culture through the centuries. You will have the opportunity not only to enrich your knowledge of the most famous cities of Central Asia, but also enjoy the pristine nature, fresh air of celestial mountains, the icy cool water of mountain rivers, you will be able to experience the sultry deserts and of course take unforgettable moments of your trip with you , capture them on a camera and be able to share all you've seen with your family and friends. Central Asia is waiting for you!

Duration: 31 days/ 30 nights
Countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Activity: Photo-tour

Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent. City tour Hotel B/L/D 
Day 2  Tashkent – Samarkand – 300 km Hotel B/L/D 
Day 3  Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand – 120 km Hotel B/L/D 
Day 4 Samarkand  –  Nurata – Kizil Kum desert - 220 km Camp  B/L/D 
Day 5 Kyzyl Kum desert – Gijduvan - Bukhara - 240 km Hotel B/L/D  
Day 6 Bukhara. Cuty tour Hotel B/L/D  
Day 7 Bukhara. Summer palace and necropolis  Hotel B/L/D  
Day 8  Bukhara - Khiva - 450 km Hotel B/L/D  
Day 9  Khiva. City tour Hotel B/L/D  
Day 10  Khiva – Ayaz Qala – Toprak Qala – Urgench – Tashkent  ( by air)
Hotel B/L/D  
Day 11  Tashkent - Kokand – Rishton - Fergana 350 km Hotel B/L/D   
Day 12 Fergana – Osh (crossing the border)  Guest house B/L/D   
Day 13 Osh – Arslanbob 210 km House of locals B/L/D 
Day 14 Arslanbob – Sary-Chelek 290 km Guest house B/L/D
Day 15  Sary-Chelek - Chychkan 290 km Guest house B/L/D
Day 16  Chychkan – Kochkorka 405 km House of locals B/L/D
Day 17  Kochkorka – Bokonbaevo 230 km House of locals B/L/D
Day 18  Bokonbaevo - Djeti-Oguz – Karakol 195 km Guest house B/L/D   
Day 19  Karakol – Cholpon-Ata 200 km Hotel B/L/D   
Day 20 Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek 250 km Hotel B/L/D   
Day 21 Bishkek – Almaty 250 km (crossing the border) Hotel B/L/D   
Day 22 Almaty – Kapchagay – Chengeldy village – Altyn Emel park 155 km Guest house B/L/D  
Day 23  Altyn-Emel Guest house B/L/D   
Day 24  Village Bashi – village Koktal – village Kieli-Agash - Zharkent  115 km Hotel B/L/D   
Day 25  Zharkent - Koktal - bridge on the Ili river - Chunja - Temerlik and Charyn canyons - Charyn - Zhalanash - Kolsay-1 - 106 km Cottage B/L/D 
Day 26  Kolsai lake Cottage B/L/D   
Day 27 Kolsai lake – Almaty 300km Hotel B/L/D  
Day 28 Almaty – Big Almaty lake 28 km, 1,5 hours - Chimkent Night in a train B/L/D   
Day 29  Chimkent – Turkestan 200 km Hotel B/L/D  
Day 30 Turkestan - Almaty Night in a train B/L/D 
Day 31  Almaty. Transfer to the airport. End of programm ------------- B/-/- 

Duration: 31 days 
Location: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Best time: May - October
Activity: Photo - tour
People quantity: 2 - 8

Detailed itinerary: 

Day 1: Tashkent

On arrival in Tashkent you will be met by our representative with meeting board “Asia Travel Discoveries”. Transfer to hotel. After short rest, sightseeing of Tashkent. You will start from the exploring of Old city: visit Khast Imam Complex with Barak Khan Medressa, Mausoleum of Yunus Khan & Kafal-Al-Shashi. Next to the Old city under the green dome lies Chorsu Bazaar - one of the largest and oldest in Central Asia. Behind the bazaar is Kukeldash Medressa – an Islamic school that located beside the Juma Mosque dated back to 15th century. Also, we visit Abdul Kasim Medressa where we can see a lot of souvenirs workshops. After lunch we will continue to explore New city and visit Applied Arts Museum where kept the best Uzbek handicrafts. Next to see Independence Square – the main square in Uzbekistan. Then we can walk to the Alisher’s Navoi Uzbek state Opera and Ballet Theatre. Finally we see the Monument of Courage dedicated to earthquake in 1966 year.

After excursion transfer to hotel. 

Day 2: Tashkent – Samarkand – 300 km

Today we will be transferred to Samarkand – one of the ancient oasis of Silk Road. Upon arrival to Samarkand, check-in to the hotel and start to explore Samarkand. We will go to the Central Registan square with the majestic Medressas dated back to different centuries: Ulugbek Medressa (1417-1420), Sher-Dor Medressa (1619-1636) and the Tilya Kori Medressa (1647-1660),Gur-Emir Mausoleum – the famous necropolis of Tamerlane. After excursion, transfer to hotel. 

Day 3: Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand – 120 km

In the morning we will be transferred to Shakhrisabz – the pearl of Orient, dated back to the XV c. All monuments in Shakhrisabz related to Tamerlane and his family. We explore the summer Palace Ak-Saray, Dorut Siodat complex and Dorut Tillavat Medressa. After excursion drive back to Samarkand. Upon arrival to Samarkand, continuation of exploring Samarkand: visit the Shahi Zinda complex and the famous oriental Bazaar Siyob., Bibi-Khanum Mosque dedicated to one of Tamerlane’s wife. And finally we will observe Ulugbek Observatory – one of the greatest in the middle ages. 

Day 4: Samarkand  –  Nurata – Kizil Kum desert - 220 km

Today we will drive to the Kyzylkum desert. Enroute visit Nurata. The main attraction of the city is a complex "Chashma" (means spring) - one of the most important Islamic centers in the region. On the southern part of  Nurata there is another ancient monument -  fortress Nur, built by Alexander the Great. After excursion in Nurata, arrival to the camp. After short rest - dinner under the open sky with folklore show at the campfire. 

Day 5: Kyzyl Kum desert – Gijduvan - Bukhara - 240 km

In the morning we can walk to the beautiful Lake Aydar-Kul, surrounded by desert sands, like a mirage! Aydarkul - one of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan - the turquoise lake located among Kyzylkum desert. On arrival at the organized beach at the lake – we can swim in its cool, clear water, sunbathing on the loungers, and then have a  delicious lunch with fresh fried fish. After lunch, you will explore the gorge Sarmysh, where scientists have discovered a huge gallery of ancient petroglyphs. After excursion, you will drive to Bukhara via  Gijduvan – the city of craftsmen and potters. In the evening we arrive to Bukhara - a real jewel of Central Asia, the sacred city of Muslims, carefully preserved its ancient monuments. 

Day 6: Bukhara

Today we explore the mausoleum of the Samanids (IX-X cc.) - the pearl of Central Asia . Next we visit the tomb of Chashma Ayub (XII century.), which means "source of Job." Bolo House complex including a reservoir, a Friday mosque and minaret. Friday Mosque Bolo House is located at the entrance to the Arc citadel. Inside the citadel was situated a town, which includes residential and office buildings: the mosque, a prison, a harem, the treasury, the residence of the Emir, etc. Then we see Poi Kalyan complex (XII-XVI cc.) includes the Kalyan Mosque , Mir-Arab and the famous Kalyan minaret. After lunch, we explore one of the biggest architectural ensembles of Bukhara "Lyabi House." The oldest part of the complex - Medressa Kulbaba-Kukeldash, which has 160 cells and it pretend the biggest in Bukhara. Medressa "Nadir Devanbegi" was built by order of vizier Nadir-devanbegi shortly after the device pool and logically completed the ensemble “Lyabi- House”. The oldest mosque Magoki Attori located next to the ensemble “Lyabi House”, built in the tradition of figurative brick masonry and carved ornaments of archaic majolica. And finally, you see interesting monument - Chor Minor Medressa, built in 1807 on money Turkmen traveler. Until present time have survived four minarets, which gave the name of this complex. 

Day 7: Bukhara

In the morning we drive to summer palace of Bukhara emirs "Sitora-I-Mohihosa.", built in fusion of European &

Bukhara’s traditions, more than hundred years ago. Next we visit the complex of Bahauddin Naqshbandi shaykh, as well as a necropolis Chor Bakr - city of shadows, dated to the 16th century. After excursion back to Bukhara. Free time for shopping. 

Day 8: Bukhara - Khiva - 450 km

Drive to Khiva - ancient and interesting city and UNESCO heritage. The road will be via Kyzylkum desert and Amu Darya River, the largest in Central Asia. Kyzylkum desert, an oasis of ancient Khorezm, located among the dunes, keeping the ruins of ancient cities. "Kyzyl Kum" means "red sands". Indeed, the local sands are reddish, oddly mirrored in the waters of the great Amu Darya river. Later in the afternoon we arrive to Khiva. Today Khiva - an open air museum, rightly claims as "the eighth wonder of the world." 

Day 9: Khiva

Khiva is a beautiful and ancient town and perfect for exploring by walk, with impressive four walls at the centre of each side of the old city. Upon entering through its gates we are welcome by high minarets and many medressas. We visit many of these monuments including the Kalta Minor Minaret and Mohammed Rakhim Khan Medressa, Juma Mosque (XVII c.), the Islom-Khodja complex includes mosque and minaret, the Kuhna Ark, which was the main fortress, the Pahlavon Mahmud Mausoleum complex and Toza Bog Palace, which was the summer palace of Mohammed Rakhim Khan II. 

Day 10: Khiva – Ayaz Qala – Toprak Qala – Urgench – Tashkent - 1210 km (1050 by air)

We enjoy a journey to Ayaz Qala & Toprak Qala - the relics of the Khorezm towns dated back to 1st cc. BC. The most ancient of the sites is Toprak Qala and it was a capital of Khorezm region in the 3rd century AD. Ayaz Qala, an impressive mud-walled hilltop fortress from the 6th-7th centuries. After excursion transfer to Urgench for flight to Tashkent. Meeting on arrival and transfer to hotel in Tashkent. 

Day 11: Tashkent - Kokand – Rishton - Fergana 350 km

Today, we drive to Kokand. Arrival in Kokand. Walk around Kokand, shooting of interesting places and monuments. Moving to Rishton. Rishton is the oldest center for the production of magnificent ceramics. You may not only buy unusual gifts to your loved ones, but also observe the process of the production of ceramics. Drive to Fergana and overnight in hotel. 

Day 12: Fergana – Osh (crossing the border)

In the morning after breakfast it will take us 30 min to drive to the border. Crossing the border.
Meeting on the Kyrgyz border. Transfer to Osh and accommodation in the guest house.
Accommodation at the guest house is not in the city center, it’s going to be in the Uzbek district. Closer to the program, we will learn the possibility of visiting Uzbek or Kyrgyz wedding this evening. We will visit the local bazaar and then have an excursion to the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too. Suleiman mountain is one of the most significant historical monuments in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the center of Osh. Till the 16th century it was called Bara-Kukh. The triple ascent onto the mountain is considered to be equal to one Hajj to Mecca. In one of the caves of the mountain we will visit the museum. 

Day 13: Osh – Arslanbob 210 km

Today in the morning we will be transferred to an amazing mountain range called Arslanbob. It has a large wild forest. The Arslanbob woodland is the largest walnut grove on earth. Kyrgyzstan's first known export to Europe was the Arslanbob walnut. Two waterfalls are located in the area which attract tourists, pilgrims and other visitors during the spring and summer months. We will have a little trek to the first waterfall which is about 25 m and the hike will take us about half an hour. After that we will walk to a panorama place from where you will be able to see the whole gorge. It is a great view and here we will have a little free time to enjoy the nature and make some pictures. Overnight in a small home stay. 

Day 14. Arslanbob – Sary-Chelek 290 km

Today we will have another hike now to the second, big waterfall in Arslanbob which has the height of 80 m. This walk will take us about 2 hours and we will come back for lunch just in time to see the folk show with the national Kyrgyz instruments. After lunch we will continue our way to Sary-Chelek nature reserve and its pearl, Lake Sary-Chelek.. Accommodation in the hotel. 

Day 15. Sary-Chelek - Chychkan 290 km

The lake, which is located at an altitude of 1873 m above sea level, is the result of two ridges whose crumbling debris blocked the river and made natural dam. The lake itself is surrounded by a "necklace" of snow-capped peaks and the steep shoreline carve into lake’s surface and go down to a depth of 234 m. Beside the main lake there are a further six small lakes scattered throughout the stone-filled forests of the reserve. Also not to be missed is the impressive Zamok Peak (4200 m) located above the cliffy horn. Today you may enjoy the stunning views of the mountainous lake surrounded by the rock slopes coming right out of the water. After lunch we will go to a green picturesque gorge called Chychkan where we will stay for the night in a cozy guest house.

Day 16. Chychkan – Kochkorka 405 km

We will leave Chychkan and go to an amazing Suusamyr valley. The mountains surrounding it gave the valley so much space that for a moment one may forget being in the harsh mountain country. Here you may see many nomads who brought their yurts for the summer time. On the green grass canvas all these yurts look like white minarets.

We will continue our way and go to Kyzyl-Oi village where we will stay for lunch and enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful rivers in Kyrgyzstan – Kekemeren river. Kekemeren means the “Blue flow”. It flows through the canyon with steep walls of the 500 meters height then goes into the valley and further into the canyon again… It comes to Naryn river going first through Kavak ridge being a big turbulent and high-water river deep curved into the bottom of the valley. It gives its cold waters to Naryn cooling the river for over a degree.

After that we will enter Djumgal valley which is about the same size as Suusamyr valley but much drier. Mountain slopes surrounding the valley are almost snowless. The river Djumgal counts only on subterranean waters and that’s why it’s a wide hollow river which may be forded in many places. And finally we will get to Kochkorka village where we will be accommodated in the house of local family. 

Day 17. Kochkorka – Bokonbaevo 230 km

In the morning after breakfast we will see how Kyrgyz people made their carpets long long ago and will have a chance to visit the handicrafts museum where you may buy some souvenirs for your relatives and friends. After that we will continue our tour and go to the shores of the great mountainous lake – Issyk-Kul. We will enjoy the view of Terskey-Ala-Too ridge and will drive to Bokonbaevo village where we will stay for the night in one of the local families. Here we will have an excursion to the national woolen carpet factory, see how the Kyrgyz national carpets are made nowadays and then see the eagle hunting show. In the evening we may go to the shores of the Issyk-Kul Lake and have rest.

Issyk-Kul Lake is the second biggest mountain lake after Titicaca in South America; it is one of 25 biggest and 7 deepest lakes in the world. The length of this lake from west to east is 178 km, from south to north is 64km, depth is 668m. Issyk-Kul Lake ranks second in the transparency of water after Lake Baikal.. The local people call this lake the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan”. As a small bead put on the chain of mountain ridges it definitely justifies this name. The “Pearl” is located on the height of 1609 m above the sea level and enclosed from two sides by the ranges with the poetic names Terskey-Ala-Too (turned from the sun) and Kungey-Ala-Too (turned to the sun). 

Day 18. Bokonbaevo - Djeti-Oguz – Karakol 195 km

After breakfast we will drive to Djeti-Oguz by the eastern shore of Issyk-Kul lake. On the way to the gorge we will visit the “Fairy Tale” gorge. The whole originality of the place is the frozen in bizarre forms colorful rocks, like after the eruption. Solid clusters made of limestone and sandstone are bulging from the colorful soil and the place looks like the ruins of ancient castles.

The gorge Djeti-Oguz is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. For 25 km on both sides of the gorge the fir trees are growing at first merging into small groups and then turning into huge forest mass. During the spring and the summer Djeti-Oguz gorge turns into a kind of flower holiday, among which you may see the silver stars of Edelweiss flowers, alpine daisies and asters, and nard (golden root). Today we may have a little hike to a beautiful waterfall. After that we will continue our way to Karakol town where we will overnight in the guest house.

Day 19.  Karakol – Cholpon-Ata 200 km

In the morning after having breakfast we will have a little walk around the town, visit an ancient Dungan Mosque, and a Holy Trinity wooden Church which was first built without a single nail. On the way to Cholpon-Ata we may visit Georgiev gorge and if the weather allows us we will have hike to the mountain lake. Upon our arrival to Cholpon-Ata we will be accommodated in the hotel.

If you would have a desire today we will visit Cholpon-Ata petrogliphs (stone inscriptions) left on the stones by ancient artists. On the territory of 42 hectares there is a great amount of stones of different size with petrogliphs, which were drawn by the ancient settlers of this territory. First tribes to leave their pictures were Andron (II mil. BC.), then Saki who left the pictures of the “animal style” and the very late stone inscriptions are dated by Turkic time (VI-IXc. AC.). We may also visit the cultural-architectural complex Ruh-Ordo.

Rest and overnight in the hotel. 

Day 20. Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek 250 km

In the morning after the breakfast we will be transferred to the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek. On the way we will visit the historical-architectural complex of Burana Tower.

Bishkek is the biggest city in the country. It has many places for you to see. There are some large museums, the most interesting are: the Historical National museum, the Arts museum and the museum of M.V. Frunze. The center of the town is dappled by the show bills of Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian and Kyrgyz theaters, Bishkek Theater of Drama and National Philharmonic of T.Satylganov.

There are many places reminding people of the Soviet Union period of time. The influence of that epoch is mostly felt in the center where you may still see the row of soviet architecture buildings: Philharmonic, Government building, Historical museum, Victory monument. But you will also be able to see the modern samples of Kyrgyz architecture: Manas monument, monument of Courage, the monuments of akyns (Kyrgyz poets), manaschi (Kyrgyz Manas legend tellers) and local rulers of different times. The interesting fact is that Bishkek is the only town in Central Asia that still has the monument of V. I. Lenin on the central square.

Bishkek remembers its history and will definitely tell it to everybody who wants to visit this small but cozy capital. The town is also known to be the most ecological town of the world due to a lot of green parks keeping the shadow and coolness even on the hottest summer day.

Day 21. Bishkek – Almaaty 250 km

In the morning we will have a city tour and make photos of the main monuments of the capital. After lunch going to the border with Kazakhstan. Meeting at the border “Akzhol” (Kazakh-Kirgiz border) by the guide from Kazakh side. Drive to Almaty will take us about 4 hours. Arrival to Almaty, transfer to the hotel, accommodation at the hotel “Kazzhol. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 22. Almaty – Kapchagay – Chengeldy village – Altyn Emel park 155 km

Transfer to "Altyn-Emel" park. Arrival to the "Altyn-Emel". "Altyn Emel" National park was created in 1996 by the decree of Kazakhstan Government. The name "Altyn Emel" has the Mongolian background, and means "a gold saddle". Nature of National Park is a unique deserted-mountain complex. Park is located on an ancient route of the Greta Silk Way what makes this place more attractive for travelers. Accommodation in the guest house. Walking to the Taygak gorge and observing petroglyphs on the nearby mountains. Rock paintings of masters of the Bronze Age represent stages of hunting, wild animals and pets, rituals, and also deities with sun faces. Then we continue our tour to "Besshatyr" (so called king's burial mounds). Walking. Transfer to guest house “Shagan”.  Overnight in the guest house.  Lunch and dinner at the guest house.  

Day 23. Altyn-Emel

After breakfast departure to the main tourist roots of "Altyn-Emel". Transfer: g/h Shagan - Singing Barkhan – mountain Kattu-Tau - White mountain – village Bashi (185 km).  On the way visiting to Singing Barkhan, Kattu-Tau mountain, White mountain. Return to village Bashi, accommodation and overnight. Lunch and dinner at the guest house.  

Day 24. Village Bashi – village Koktal – village Kieli-Agash - Zharkent  115 km

 On the way visit to 700 years tree Aulie-Agash in settlement Kieli-Agash.  Arrive and accommodation at the hotel “Atlantik”.  Start the excursion in Zharkent. Visiting: Dungan mosque, local bazaar, the cathedral church, city park. Back to hotel and overnight. Lunch on the way. Dinner at the local cafe.

Day 25. Zharkent – village Koktal – bridge on the Ili river – village Chunja – Temerlik canyon - Charyn canyon, Charyn canyon- Zhalanash village – Kolsay-1 – 106 km

On the way visiting to Temerlik and Charyn canyons.

Accommodation at the cottage. Overnight.

Lunch on the way. Dinner at the cottage. 

Day 26. Kolsai lake

Early breakfast. Walking to Kolsai lake-II (H-2500m) (9 km.). Lunch box. It is one of the most beautiful lakes of the Northern Tien-Shan, surrounded by spruces, Alpine meadows and flowers. Return to the cottage. Dinner and Overnight at the cottage.

Day 27. Kolsai lake – Almaty 300km

Back to Almaty. Lunch on the way. Arrive in Almaty. Rest. Overnight. 

Day 28. Almaty – Big Almaty lake 28 km, 1,5 hours - Chimkent

On the way you will see mud dam and second hydroelectric power station with hydraulic work, Alma-Arasan gorge.  Walking and photograph on environs of lake. Lunch box. Back to Almaty, transfer to rail way station Almaty-2. At 17.37 departure to Chimkent by train №11. Overnight on train. Dinner in box. 

Day 29. Chimkent – Turkestan 200 km

At 08.00 arrive in r/w station in Chimkent, meeting. Breakfast at the local café. Visiting to museum site of ancient settlement “Otrar” in Shaulder village, excursion to Arstan-Baba Mausoleum (XIX c), Otrar ruins (XI-XII c). Arrival in Turkestan. Accommodation In “Turkestan” hotel.  Overnight in the hotel. 

Day 30. Turkestan - Almaty

Breakfast. After breakfast excursion to Akhmed Yassawi maussoleum complex: gallery of stone statues, archeological museum, historical (cultural reserve) museum “Azaret-Sultan”, gates (Darvaza) (XIX c.), Esimkhan mausoleum  (XVI c.), Rabia Sultan Begim mausoleum (XV c.), Akhmed Yassawi mausoleum (XII-XIV c.c.), “Zhuma” mosque (1878 year), underground mosque Khilovat (XII-XV c.c.), oriental baths (XV-XVI c.c.).

Afternoon transfer to r/w station, departure by train to Almaty. 

Day 31. End of the program

Arrive in Almaty. Transfer to the airport.


Price for 2014 for the tour based on double room accommodation (hotels 3-4*, guest houses and houses of local families):


5 – 6 pax – 2610 USD per person
Single Supplement – 247 USD 

5 pax – 1665 USD per person

6 pax – 1505 USD per person
Single Supplement – 150 USD 


5 pax – 2931 USD per person
6 pax – 2743 USD per person
Single Supplement – 405 USD


Price includes:

1. Meeting and seeing off at the airport
2. Transport according to the program (2 cars 4WD)
3. Chinese speaking guide in Kyrgyzstan, English speaking guide in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
4. Accommodation according to the program in hotels 3-4*, Guest houses and houses of local families
5. Meals – full board (B/L/D)
6. Excursions according to the program
7. Rail way tickets (Almaty-Chimkent, Turkestan – Almaty, 1st class)
8. Home flight from Urgench to Tashkent (economy class)
9. Water 1 l. per day per person
10. Letter of Invitation to Uzbekistan

Price does NOT include:

1. Any changes in the program
2. Alcohol beverages
3. Excursions not included in the program
4. Tips for guide, driver and hotel personnel
5. Any personal expenses in hotel: international calls, bar, etc.
6. Single supplement
7. International flights
8. Chinese guide in Uzbekistan (no guides with Chinese language)
9. Chinese guide in Kazakhstan (additional payment 2780 USD per group for the whole tour)
10. Visa support in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
11. Medical insurance
12. Photo and camera fees on sights in Uzbekistan
13. Early check - in, late check - out

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