Photo tours

Photo tour on holiday Nooruz, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

East is a delicate matter, so delicate that not everyone can understand, and most importantly appreciate the beauty, identity, cultural heritage, handed down for centuries from generation to generation, simplicity and kindness of Asian people who are happy to see every guest, who do not lock the door and always ready to serve the stranger a piece of bread...

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Photo tour in Central Asia

Ancient cities of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are ready to share the most intimate things with you, to show their old Islamic architectural monuments, reveal to you the secrets of the Silk Road, which will set your imagination free and be able to convey the feeling of a once forgotten fairy tale. Magnificent ancient buildings, ruins of forgotten cities, beautiful sceneries of snowy mountains, deserts and beautiful valleys.

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Tulip photo hunt!

Nature of Kyrgyzstan is very diverse. Due to the mountainous terrain in this region one can find different types of plants growing mostly in the deserts till those which occur in the tundra. Totally in Kyrgyzstan there are over 3500 species, 89 of which are listed in the Book of rare species, such as Abies semenovii, Rhodiola linearifolia (golden root), Ordinary Bird Cherry, Kashgarian Barberry, Central Asian Pear, as well as 12 species of tulips.

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