Horseriding near Son-Kul lake

Special offer - collective group for only 1169 USD per person! 

Dates for collective group: 

From  1st till 7th of July

Horse riding tour near Lake Son-Kul will show you the present life of nomads, their customs and traditions, their hospitality and simplicity, their hard work and in spite of this the ability to enjoy every day, those little things that we take as commonplace. Beautiful mountain plains, snow-capped peaks, cold rushing rivers and uninhabited expanse. Immerse yourself in the realm of nature, not enslaved by people with all its grace and beauty.

Our horseriding tour runs from the beautiful Son-Kul lake through the valley of the Sary-Bel, Jon-Bulak Pass, canyons of Zangi and Bakchetin and finally through Ottuk village.

Great alpine lake Son-Kul  is a great place for summer pastures, it is surrounded by green fields and little hills. Son-Kul has its temper and character, it can be very gloomy with grey waters on a rainy day and then it may greet you with a smile of its blue waters shining on the sun.
This nature present is located on the height of 3013 m above the sea level, as the lake is so high situated it is covered with ice almost the whole year, only in summer one may enjoy its beauty, get acquainted with the life of modern nomads, live in Kyrgyz yurts and try the national cuisine of these hospitable people. Only in summer they come to Son-Kul jailoo (Kyrgyz pastures), paying tribute to their ancestors, Kyrgyz nomads which were used to moving from one place to another  going up to the mountains with all their cattle in summer and going down to the valley in winter. 

Going by the road from the lake through the Kyrgyz mountains we will meet local shepherds, look at their lives, we will learn how to be a modern nomad and will be their guests. Learn about the customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz, see yurts and their interiors, happy children and their national games, huge flocks of sheep, horses, cows, will have an opportunity to also see camels and yaks. Immerse yourself in the familiar surroundings of the nomadic folk, who for many centuries hasn't lost its uniqueness.

Best time for the tour: from 15th of June till 15th of September

Price of the program:

2 people in the group - 2176 USD per person
4 people in the group - 1466 USD per person
6 people in the group - 1274 USD per person
8  people in the group - 1169 USD per person
10 people in the group and more - 1067 USD per person 

The price includes:

1. Accommodation by the program 
- Bishkek-  "Asia Mountains" hotels (
- Along the road: Accomodation in the yurts or the houses of local people
2. Meals - full board 
3. Horses
4. Transport by the program
5. English speaking guide
5. Professional horse guide

Time: beginning of June - September
Activity: Horseback riding tour near Lake Son-Kul (Kyrgyzstan)
Duration: 7 days

Day 1. Arriving at the airport Manas. Transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel and rest. City tour.

Day 2. Moving to the southern shore of Lake Son-Kul. On the way visit the historical complex Burana Tower (X - XII AC). Arriving at the lake, we stop for the night in a yurt camp.

Day 3. Start of the horse trek. First we will go to the serpentine called "33 parrots". Lunch on the way. Further going down the serpentine we will approach the waterfall. We will stop near the yurts at a place called Sary-Bel, where the forester lives, a small group of people can stay here for the night. In another case, we will go further for about 5 km and spend the night in the house of the forester on the river.

Day 4. From Sary-Bel through the valley of the same name we will make ascent to the pass Jon-Bulak. Here we will organize lunch and then go down to the place of "Teshik." Overnight in the house of local residents or yurt.

Day 5. Today we are going to see two beautiful canyons: Zangi and Bakchetin. On the way, we will come across the shepherds, we will be able to see their life, have a cup of tea and listen hunter stories. Canyons height varies from 150 to 300 meters. You may want to spend the extra day to explore the area. People say that standing on one edge of the canyon, you can watch Capricorns safely walk on the other side of it and easily make photos of them.

After lunch, we will climb to the ridge called Kyr-Jol, which means "the road running along the ridge," and by this old road we will ride to the village Ottuk. Dinner in the cafe. Accommodation in the guest house where you can take a hot shower and sit by the fireplace. Here in the village Ottuk it's also possible to organize an extra day and get acquainted with the life of the local population. Perhaps pay a visit to a local shaman, who banishes evil spirits and heal people. Locals will be happy to show you how they make felt products, toys; You can taste "kumys", the national drink made from mare's milk, and just feel like a guest, met by the Kyrgyz traditions.

Day 6. From the guest house we go riding in the gorge called Baydyluu and make a circular move along the slopes of the beautiful Kyrgyz mountains back to the main road. Here we will say "Good Bye" to our guides and go through Dolon pass by car. Descending from the pass, we will stop for the night in the home of local elders.

Day 7. This morning will be free. We will be able to stroll through the village, we will see how people make home things for yurts. After lunch, we will return to Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel. Farewell dinner. End of the program.