Horseback riding from Naryn to Tash-Rabat fortress

If you don't like cities, if you are not attracted by the noise of cars and a large crowd of people, if you prefer peace and quiet, nature and solitude, beauty and vast spaces, this tour is definitely for you! Not only you will feel the power of the earth, will be inspired with the energy of freedom, but also understand why for many centuries the Kyrgyz remained nomadic people; why they leave the village every year to go to the mountains, where there is no electricity, no hot water, no comfort. Why do they renounce from the people world?

And the answer is on the surface, at the place where the phone manages the people, where silence is not heard even at night, it is impossible to truly relax and find peace for the soul. So let's take all your worldly cares and forget for a few days about the fact that there are huge worlds made of glass and concrete, you will surrender to the will of nature, which has never let down its children and knows what it takes for our peace of mind. It definitely will give you an unforgettable vacation and leave a lasting impression from simple things, completely forgotten by modern people.

You will also have the chance to meet locals, taste national dishes, listen to the Kyrgyz music, watch as anciently Kyrgyz made household items, felt carpets, sew "tushyoks" and made decorations for yurts. You will be able to live in a yurt, learn more about the traditions, customs, rites of the nomadic people, listen to stories of hunters and ak-sakals sitting in a circle telling beautiful legends, sipping herbal curative tea with hot lepyoshka (kyrgyz flat bread).

Beautiful mountain scenery will be pleasing to the eye, crystal clear rivers will attract you by their cool waters, fresh air will comb your hair and nature will whisper to you how great it is to just live!

Find peace and harmony in your soul, and then you can return to the familiar world being fresh and full of energy. Our Kyrgyz mountains are waiting for you!

Best time for the tour: from 15th of June till 15th of September

Price of the program:

2 people in the group - 3659 USD per person
people in the group - 2485 USD per person
people in the group - 2135 USD per person
8  people in the group - 1979 USD per person
10 people in the group and more - 1799 USD per person


The price includes:

1. Accommodation by the program 
- Bishkek-  "Asia Mountains" hotels (
- Along the road: Accomodation in the yurts or the houses of local people
2. Meals - full board 
3. Horses
4. Transport by the program
5. English speaking guide
5. Professional horse guide

Best time for the tour: beginning of June - September
Activity: Horseback riding tour from the city of Naryn to the fortress of Tash-Rabat (Kyrgyzstan)
Duration: 16 days

Day 1. Arriving at the airport Manas. Transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel and rest. City tour.
Day 2. Moving to the city of Naryn. On the way visit to the historical complex Burana Tower (X - XII in). Lunch in the family of local residents. Arriving in Naryn, we stop for the night in a guest house. Dinner.
Day 3. Start horse trek. From Naryn we go to the village of Char, where we organize lunch. Along the way we will meet a large number of local residents and herders. Further our path lies through the mountains to the village Okmuz, where we stop for the night.
Day 4. After a day of riding we will definitely need to rest, so on this day we should get some of it. We will spend the day in the village, getting acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the local people, as well as be able to see the workshops for the manufacture of objects made of felt.
Day 5. Riding horses again, we will continue our way to the village Borondu. Lunch Time. Further, through the Kok-Kumbёz we get to the mountain yurt camp Sary-Tal, where we will stop for the night.
Day 6. Today there is going to be an amazing trip to the mountains called "Selkinchek", where they filmed the famous Kyrgyz movie "Kojo-Jash" which is translated as"The Descendant of the Snow Leopard." This beautiful wild places, untrodden paths, where you can find traces of ibex, goats, wolves, foxes, hares, and mountain deer. We will start from the village of Sary-Tal, ride to the yurt village of Bosogo. Here we will have lunch and walk through the village. In the Kyrgyz customs man can pass from one tent to another all day on paying a visit to this or that family, where he will always be welcome and will always find fresh bread and tea. After being a guest in couple of houses we will continue our way and stop in 5-6 km before the pass Kyndy. Here we will be able to taste kumys in one of the yurts and rest a bit, we will go into the mountains and soon come to the destination point. In the evening we will return to the village of Sary-Tal. Night in a yurt.
Day 7. On this day we will have a small horse transition to Ozgorush village where we will stop for the night in the home of local residents.
Day 8. From the village Ozgorush we climb into the mountains. Next we get to the village of Taldy-Suu, where we will be able to see the real water mill and see the whole process of the production of flour. Lunch in the family and move into the gorge Jol-Bogoshtu. Overnight in the yurt camp.
Day 9. Today, our goal will be a beautiful waterfall called Shar. Picnic. The descent to the village of Bash-Kaiyndy. Night in the house of the local people.
Day 10. Morning will be free. We will meet with the villagers, ak-sakals, and will get a chance to see the trout farm. After lunch we will make the transition to the village of At-Bashi. Night in the family.
Day 11. Today will be saturated. The entire path will run through beautiful mountains. We will visit the remains of the fortress of Koshoi-Korgon. Then, after passing through the village of Kalinin, we will see the old mosque built here in the 18th century. his night we will stay in the Zhanyguch village.
Day 12. Going down and getting up, we will ford small rivers and cross green meadows, today we will reach the village of Kyzyl-Tuu, and then come to the village of Kazybek. Lunch in the family. At night we will stay in the village of "Pogranichnic".
Day 13. Our next stop will be the fortress of Tash Rabat. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 14. Day of rest. Tour to the historic complex - Tash-Rabat fortress. A walk through the gorge. Picnic. Return to the camp.
Day 15. Long drive to Bishkek (560 km). Lunch in Naryn. Arriving in the capital. Accommodation at the hotel. Farewell dinner.
Day 16. Transfer to the airport for the flight home. End of program.