Horseback tours

Chatkal Lakes - To the Lake of Sary-Chelek

One of the most beautiful places is Kyrgyzstan is the Sary-Chelek lake in the mountains of Tian-Shan. Sary-Chelek is translated from Kyrgyz as the “Yellow Bucket”, though the hosts call this ground “the Golden Hollow”. Sary-Chelek reserve covers the south side of Chatkal ghat and looks like a charmed part of land getting into which for most of Kyrgyz people is being a pipedream.

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Riding from Shamsy gorge to lake Son-Kul

On this tour you will have a unique chance to visit a wonderful area of Son-Kul alpine lake, get acquainted with the nomads’ way of life, try national cuisine and enjoy the nature of the mountains as well as ride horses along amazing places over high passes and beautiful valleys.

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Horseriding near Son-Kul lake

Horse riding tour near Lake Son-Kul will show you the present life of nomads, their customs and traditions, their hospitality and simplicity, their hard work and in spite of this the ability to enjoy every day, those little things that we take as commonplace. Beautiful mountain plains, snow-capped peaks, cold rushing rivers and uninhabited expanse. Immerse yourself in the realm of nature, not enslaved by people with all its grace and beauty.

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Horseback riding from Naryn to Tash-Rabat fortress

If you don't like cities, if you are not attracted by the noise of cars and a large crowd of people, if you prefer peace and quiet, nature and solitude, beauty and vast spaces, this tour is definitely for you! Not only you will feel the power of the earth, will be inspired with the energy of freedom, but also understand why for many centuries the Kyrgyz remained nomadic people; why they leave the village every year to go to the mountains, where there is no electricity, no hot water, no comfort. Why do they renounce from the people world? Let's find it out...

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