To the frozen waterfalls of Kyrgyz Ala-Too


Kyrgyz range, geographically belonging to the northern Tien-Shan frames Chu valley from the south. All tourists coming to Kyrgyzstan may clearly see it’s sparkling summits from the very ramp. People rarely stay indifferent looking at this spellbinding view.  From any part of the valley the mountains encircling the valley are very good seen. From the north they are the offshoots from Chu-Iliski massif, from the south – majestic, all in snow hats with the sharp summits –Kyrgyz Ala-Too. Enclosing somewhere on the far East both ribbons framing the landscape of the valley are strong blue in the morning and soft pink on the sunset. Bishkek is a little closer to the northern ridge and because of that the picturesque view of the slopes with the sparkling glaciers is clearly seen from everywhere. A lot of rivers flow down from the northern side of Kyrgyz ridge such as Shamsi, Kegetym Issyk-Ata, Ala-Archa, Sokuluk, Ak-Suu, Kara-Balta and others all the waters of which are taken for the fields’ irrigation and almost never reach Chu river. We offer you to visit three gorges out of all the variety and admire the frozen waterfalls – this bizarre game of fight between frost and water. As a bonus you will be able to see the Buddha picture on the big stone in Issyk-Ata gorge. This program is also good in summer and has its own beauties and peculiarities.


Kegety gorge is located 75 km from Bishkek on northern slopes of Kyrgyz ridge and has a length of 30 km. There is a river of a same name, flowing in the bottom of the gorge. The river has many tributaries. In 5-6 km from forestry there is a small stream, flowing into the Kegery river that makes a beautiful 35 m high waterfall in only 100 m from the road. The waterfall crashes down from calcareous terrace and is located nearby the road which crosses the valley. That makes it quite comfortable for tourists. Going further into the mountains this road is periodically washed off by mud flows. A stunning view of destructive natural forces is fascinating. You may also see the second biggest tributary of At Jailoo river, which is located in 11kms from the forestry. At-Jailoo gorge forms a beautiful hole, known by its abandoned mines. The other tributary is Kel-Tor at the top part of which there is a lake with the water of a nice turquoise color.


Issyk-Ata gorge is located 75km from Bishkek. It goes from south-west to north-east for about 50km. The width of the bottom is about 1,5 km. It begins on the height of 4500 m and goes down to 1000m above the sea level. The slopes are steep (35-50 degrees), their height from the bottom is 800-1200 m. There is undergrowth, juniper forests, meadow greenery on the slopes and the river with the waterfalls of the same name is flowing at the bottom of the gorge. In the central part of the gorge, on the height of 1775 m above the sea level and on the base of more than 50 thermal springs built a known Issyk-Ata resort. Water springs were always honored by Central Asia nations. Not a small distance was overcome by trade caravans, pilgrims to cure their disease in the sacred Arashan springs. The picture of Buddha-healer that is carved on a big stone is being the evidence of the fact that Issyk-Ata springs are known from ancient times. This picture is dated by VIII AC. Blessed Buddha sitting on the lotus and framed by the circle of eternity appears from the past to the eyes of spring visitors. Buddha and five Tibetan lines the artist drew on the plane with the area of 120x113 cm. Buddha is pictured in his traditional pose – sitting on the lotus. Kyrgyz people from ancient times honored this “Burkhan”  as a shrine (Turks and Kyrgyz people called the Buddhist gods of Central Asia and Mongolia by the name of “Burkhans”), called him by the name of Arasan – the spirit of water. They also sacrificed cattle in his honor.
Over the whole Issyk-Ata gorge majestically rises the rock massif “Uluu-Too” (Botvei) with the height  of more than 4000 m. Not far from it one may observe the peaks of Konev (4307 m) and the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan (4481 m). About 1.5 km from the resort further into the Marble gorge there is a 10 m waterfall. Trapezoidal Lesgaft peak (4590 m) encloses the upper part of the gorge. You may go over the Kyrgyz ridge and enter into the valley of West-Karakol river through Issyk-Ata pass (3929 m). On the way you will see the amazing lakes with turquoise-milk colored water.

Chunkurchak gorge (of a basin form) is located in the beginning of Alamedin gorge. In the gorge itself there are two wide basins: lower and upper Tatyr that are connected with each other by a narrow canyon – the notch of Dunguryotmyo river. The rocks with the height from 100 to 200 m go up almost vertically. The blustery river occupies almost all the narrow part. At the beginning the canyon is very narrow, rocky and while it gradually widens it turns into a vast Upper Tatyr valley with the smooth plump slopes. After the dark notch a great view of the vast upper basin with the snow mountains landscape on the background is opened.  If at the very beginning you turn to the right you may get to a small high “Koguchkon-Sugat” waterfall which is among tourist better known as “Dove watering place”. It’s beautiful in every time of the year but in winter it makes a long icy icicle-pipe, inside of which the water still continues to fall with a big noise and rumble.



Best time: Middle of December – Middle of March

One day trip.

08:30 - 10:00 Departure from Bishkek.Transfer to Kegety gorge.

10:00 - 11:00  Seeing the waterfall. Little hiking.

11:00 - 11:45 Transfer to Issyk-Ata gorge.

11:45 - 13:30 Hike to the waterfall in Marble gorge. Return to the car.

13:30 - 14:00 Lunch. Visit of the stone with Buddha picture.

14:00 - 15:30 Transfer to Chunkurchak gorge..

15:30 - 16:30 Hike to “Dove watering place” waterfall

16:30 - 17:00 Return to Bishkek.


Clothes and equipment:

-          Sun cream (20 pf. and more), chapstick

-          Sturdy shoes, preferably trekking boots

-          Sun glasses of a good protection level 

Price to be calculated case by case.

Regarding price please contact us:


tel: +996 312 986 148