Eolian castles

From Greek language Eol is translated as God of the wind. Amazing glue and sand rock formations, named in honor of Eol, were created by wind and water during millions of years. Eolian castles, located in eastern part of Kyrgyz Ala-Too, take a vast territory. Dry, red canyons, full of xerophytes remind fantastic half-destroyed castles, ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, columns and spires. Unusual shapes of these nature formations provoked the same unusual names. For example, castle-rock – is a huge massif with flat summit of 300 m high, crowned by toothed turrets.

Unique beauty of dry canyons or Eolian castles, as they’re known, is in majestic rocks, dry and pellucid air, long shadows of natural sculptures in a before sunset sun of the Tien-Shan. At sunrise towers and cupolas of the canyons light with red and purple colors, at sunset they go out and play with gold colors of disappearing sun.

Water, filling cracks during often summer storms, has turned slopes of surrounding uplands in a labyrinth of pointed ridges, low mountains, rounded cupolas, pyramids and columns. If to look from far away, this landscape reminds more or less the ruins of ancient city starched on a wide meadow.

Numerous rocks tower over meanders of past years and show a magic city of gods and religions. Canyons carved with clefts show an amazing geologic chronics of past ages.

Canyons were created by erosion during several million years. Where motions of Earth crust opened cracks and fractures, rains and winds destroyed underlay sandstones, decorating landscapes with fanciful columns. Step by step, time, water and wind were creating an amazing world of Eolian castles.

Picturesque paths, twisting between walls of the canyons, lead to massif rock monoliths, which play at sun with all tints of raspberry pink, ginger-brown and orange colors.

Eolian castles are located on the way between Bishkek and Issyk-Kul Lake. First we need to reach by car the Boom gorge, where the Chue River flows. It’s a main water artery of the Chue valley. We should turn to the gorge on 135th km. Further way needs to be done by foot. The way goes along narrow rock canyon; its vertical walls sometimes close over your head for several meters.  After another turn, you’ll suddenly see a wide valley with a stunning view of Eolian castles. This view will not leave you indifferent. 

1. Transport:

- vehicle for 5 seats  -  110 USD 

- vehicle for 18 seats  - 150 USD 

2. Picnic - USD 6/per person

3. Guide for the excursion - USD 60/per day/per group


One-day excursion

Departure from Bishkek at 8.00 a.m. Transfer to Boomsky gorge, we’ll leave our vehicle nearby Red bridge. We go further to Korgon-Terek gorge to continue our way along the rock canyon. After about an hour walking through twisting rock labyrinth and crossing several small waterfalls, we’ll go out to a wide valley with fantastic glue sculptures. Our excursion will come to something more than simple watching of the sculptures. You may wander the surroundings, explore nearest small twisting canyons and for sure, to make plenty of wonderful photos. Return to Bishkek at 5-6 p.m.

No doubt, excursion to Eolian castles will give you lots of impressions and if you would like to come back here and to spend some more time in this fairy tale place, we can offer you a trekking program in the canyons of Komorchek, You may read about this program in a section “Trekkings”.


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