Belogorka gorge

Sokuluk gorge is better known among tourists as Belogorka gorge which is about 70km far from Bishkek. It’s known on the first place by its 60 m high waterfall. Local people and Bishkek citizens come here on weekends to enjoy clean ionized air, have rest from city life and get close to the nature. The less known place here is the side Byorulu gorge. A huge goaf or a landslide which happened here many centuries ago is already seen from the road. This collapse happened on the merger of two not very big but deep gorges at the bottom of which the there are still two small rivers flowing.  Exactly them the big goaf had blocked. In one of these gorges there is a small lake, actually not even a lake but just a river widening. Though in the other gorge blocked by a natural dam there is a real lake of a blockage origin about 60 m in diameter. The water from this lake having found its way through an old goaf appears from under it about 1 km further.

This place is especially beautiful in spring and the beginning of summer when the lush greenery and juniper starts to cover the slopes encircling the lake by a solid green carpet. Here you may find a great amount of flowers the variety of which differs each time of the year. These are different types of tulips which are then replaced by wild peonies. Peonies are replaced by globe-flowers burning with bright yellow and orange colors. Then poppies and forget-me-nots will color the slopes one with each different color…

These two beautiful places we offer you to visit on our one day trip.

Price to be calculated case by case.

Regarding price please contact us:


tel: +996 312 986 148


Best time: End of April – Middle of October

One day trip

-          Transfer to Belogorka gorge (75 km). Hike to the waterfall. Return to the car (1,5 h). Picnic.

-         Transfer to Byorulu gorge. Hike to Kol lake. We have to ascent the height of about 300-350 m going over an ancient sodded goafto the very top of the natural dam where from there is a great view of the lake which is located on the height of 1900 m above the sea level. If you wish we may walk around the lake too.

Clothes and equipment for hiking:

-          Sun cream (20 pf and more), chapstick

-          Sun glasses of a good protection level

-          Small backpack for your personal stuff

-          Trekking sticks

-          Sport shoes

-          Trekking pants

-          Fleece (Polartec) jacket, and/or a jacket made of a windstopper fabric (preferably) in case of a cool weather

-          Hat with a visor for sun protection