Alamedin Gorge

Some people say that the pleasing thing cannot be healthy; we say it is possible and offer you a trip to Alamedin gorge which is only 25 km far from Bishkek. This is the second biggest gorge of Kyrgyz ridge known to the locals as “Hot Springs”. In this gorge in Soviet times on the base of hot mineral springs on the height of 1981 m above the sea level the holiday house was built. Nowadays it doesn’t work but the pool with the hot water coming from the springs is still there. The water in the pool is about 30 C where you may swim with pleasure and good.

The hot springs themselves function on the base of mineral water spring coming from the bowels of the mountains with the temperature of about +56 C. Mineral water has a wide range of useful balneological properties. In the structure of the water there are calcium salt, magnesium, iron, fluorine, cilicic acid. The water cures the diseases of musculoskeletal system, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, peripheral nervous system, also used as table water.

With the height increase from 1800 to 2000 m little sparse growth of juniper and bushes are turn into juniper thickets. Alamedin flood plain is absolutely covered by birch and pussy-willow groves and also by different types of bushes: barberry, black current, sea buckthorn and briar. Despite other gorges like Issyk-Ata and Tuyuk-Issyk-Ata there are no fir forests in Alamedin gorge.  Though in the Birch groves that you may often see going along the river bank you may look for mushrooms. Fragrant wild strawberries redden on the lawns. Barberries and black current is ripen at the end of August, in September, which are really good for wine and jam making. With the first frosts it’s time to collect rowan.

After about 1,5 hours of walk from the holiday house Alamedin gorge is getting wider turning into Salyk tract. From the left there are crystal clear springs gush from under the stones. A little bit more to the left and up in the narrow gorge you may admire a little 10-12 m waterfall. In the upper part of Salyk gorge there is the second biggest glaciation node of Kyrgyz ridge. Here are the summits that do not give way to the summits of Ak-Sai Horseshoe. The peaks Spartak (4657 m), Ch. Aitmatov (4650 m) Kyrgyzstan (4860 m)  encircle Salyk glacier and clearly seen from Bishkek. To the East of Kyrgyzstan peak there is a rock massif called Alamedin wall (4700 m). It stuns by its severity.

In the gorges of Ashu-Tor and Altyn-Tor that make Alamedin gorge there are amazing beautiful lakes of blockage type  and a very beautiful Kara-Too hanging glacier located not fat from the lake in Altyn-Tor gorge. Altyn-Tor gorge itself is very picturesque especially at the beginning, not without reason it’s translated as “Golden Place”. Loads of nice clearings with bubbling brooks among the trees with their leaves murmuring under the windflaw and with the scent of juniper forest make it a great place for rest. But you have to walk all the way to here, which is not that easy.

Winter Alamedin is not less beautiful. Snow juniper make the gorge look mysterious and spiritual. The frozen waterfall is more available in this year season which is only 2 hours walk from the holiday house. This time it looks like a frozen pipe inside of which the water still continues to fall. At the bottom the pipe opens and the water falls with a huge noise and clatter.

We hope you are already interested. Then let’s go!

Price to be calculated case by case.

Regarding price please contact us:


tel: +996 312 986 148



Winter day trips:

-         Hiking to the frozen waterfall in At-Djailoo gorge (best time December-March)


Spring and Summer day trips:

-    Hiking to the waterfall in At-Djailoo gorge

-    Hiking to the hanging At-Djailoo valley with the visit of the waterfall and descend into Alamedin gorge through Djindy-Suu gorge

 After the program you may swim in the pool with the hot mineral water. If you want to do that you have to have a swimming suit, slippers and a towel with you.

-    Hiking from Chunkurchak gorge into Kashka-Suu gorge with the visit of waterfall (best time May-June)


Clothes and equipment for hiking:

-          Sun cream (20 pf. and more), chapstick
-          Sun glasses of a good protection level
-          Backpack for your personal things for a day trip
-          Trekking sticks
-          Trekking pants
-          Waterproof jacket (preferably Gore-Tex) with the hood or a raincoat.
-          Fleece (Polartec) jacket, and/or a jacket of windstopper fabric
-          Hat with a visor for sun protection
-          Snow gaiters for shoes (only in winter)

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