Caves of Kyrgyzstan

In labyrinths of the underground kingdom. The Osh Hills caves.

Caves are real underground temples. They have everything to admire: clean lakes and giant stalactites, carved stone columns merging into the fancy pagodas and small thin stalactite pipes looking like the frozen stone rain. All this beauty you can see during our eight-day program. But not only the world of caves waits for us but also the fantastic landscapes which are hard to be described shortly in the program. We want to quote the words from the book "Unknown Kyrgyzstan": «…The landscapes are hard to be described: totally different world! The world of Jurassic period. Mountains are not mountains. Rather frozen bubbles painted in lilac, red, yellow, blue and orange. And what the forms! Sculptures, towers, fences, pilasters, waterfalls….» Join us and experience the hapiness of cogniition and discoveries!

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Speleo-geographical tour to caves and different natural monuments of Kyrgyzstan within the Unknown Kyrgyzstan program

"Peering into unusuality of the nature you get like into another world where everybody is equal. The world where you are not accused but supported and helped. The very sense of the nature, the feeling of it let us understand who we are truly! The nature does impossible. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise, the beauty of the world we plunge into it with all our subconscious and feel free mental space!"- this saying belongs to S.D. Dudashvili, a well-known speleologist, traveler and writer in Kyrgyzstan. We offer to plunge into the world of caves and natural monuments which you may never have heard about and certainly never visited. It is a journey not only in the present but also to the past geological and historical periods which left their traces in our land.

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Excursion to the Chil-Ustun Cave

Three day excursion to the Chil-Ustun Cave. The cave is the inheritage of geological epochs and the reserve of Kyrgyzstan. The cave is famous not only for the interesting geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites but also for the historical events, connected with it and surroundings.

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