Ethnographic Tour

You would like to not only see the life of Kyrgyz nomads but be a part of their life. You would like to know how people in our country cook national dishes, make Kyrgyz national carpets, how they place national houses - yurts and see how different is their life from ours. We are giving you an opportunity to feel yourself a real nomad and live with the local family on Son-Kul lake for the whole week. 


The Song-Kul Lake is situated in the heart of the Inner Tien-Shan 90 km to the west of Naryn Town. The hollow that is 57 km long and  29 km wide is located inside massive  mountain ranges.  In the center of this hollow is spread the second largest lake of Kyrgyzstan – Song-Kul.  Its length is 29 km and its width is 17 km. Its surface is located at the altitude of 3013 m above the sea level, the square of the surface is 270 km, maximum depth is 13.2 m. The lake is of tectonic origin filled with fresh water.

Eighty brooks flow into the lake but only one river- the Song-Kul River flows out of the lake. Only four rivers have permanent flow into the lake: Kum-Bel,  Ak-Tash, Tash-Tebe and Kara-Keche.  The coast line is variable. North-west part is cut by rocky bays, but the rest part has sloping shores with swampy  spots. In the valley of the Song-Kul River there are many thermokarst craters that have been formed as a result   of melting of permafrost located at the depth of 1.5 m. 4 km away from the water source the water stream is hiding to the rocky gorge as a cascade waterfalls – Kek Jerty.  The lake freezes up in the second half of October and ice begins to break up on the lake at the end of April.  In some years the ice can be 1 m thick.

Animal life is very variable.  Different kinds of ducks, seagulls, herons, and other kinds of waterfowl nest there in summer (66 species). Due to severe climate there was no fish in the lake before 1959. At present time osman, peled, cisco  has been  introduced into the lake.

Best time: June – Mid of September
Activity: Ethnograohic tour
Duration: 9 days

Day 1 Bishkek. Airport "Manas". City tour. yurt B/L/D 
Day 2  Transfer to Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D 
Day 3  Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D  
Day 4  Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D
Day 5 Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D 
Day 6  Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D 
Day 7  Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D  
Day 8  Day on Son-Kul lake. yurt B/L/D
Day 9  Transfer back to Bishkek. yurt B/L/D 
Day 10  Departure. ----- B/-/- 

Price for groups with driver staying with the group:

2 pax - 1181 USD per person

3 pax - 902 USD per person

4 pax - 762 USD per person

5 pax - 679 USD per person


Price for groups without  driver staying with the group:

2 pax - 878 USD per person

3 pax - 699 USD per person

4 pax - 670 USD per person

5 pax - 605 USD per person


Price includes:
1. Transport according to the program (driver will speak English)
2. Accommodation in the houses of locals
3. Meals – full board (B/L/D)
4. Excursions according to the program
5. Water 1 l. per day per person


Price does NOT include:
1. Any changes in the program
2. Alcohol beverages
3. Excursions not included in the program
4. Tips for guide, driver and hotel personnel
5. Any personal expenses in hotel: international calls, bar, etc.
6. Visa (Please look over this information in case you need visa)
7. Guide 


Duration: 9 days 
Location: Kyrgyzstan. Son-Kul.
Best time: June - September
Activity: Ethnography tour
People quantity: 2 – 5

Day 1. Bishkek  

Arrival to Bishkek, meeting at the “Manas” airport, Transfer to Bishkek. Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan and the biggest city in the country. It’s a distinctive administrative unit and is a town of the Republican Submission. The very first name of it was Pishpek, then it was called Frunze and only in 1991 it finally got the name it has now - Bishkek . Its population is about 1 million people. The town is located on the north of Kyrgyzstan in Chu valley at the foot of Tian-Shan mountains about 40km from Kyrgyz ridge and about 25km from Kazakh border.

Bishkek has many places for you to see. There are some large museums, the most interesting are: the Historical National museum, the Arts museum and the museum of M.V. Frunze. The center of the town is dappled by the show bills of Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian and Kyrgyz theaters, Bishkek Theater of Drama and National Philharmonic of T.Satylganov.

There are many places reminding people of the Soviet Union period of time. The influence of that epoch is mostly felt in the center where you may still see the row of soviet architecture buildings: Philharmonic, Government building, Historical museum, Victory monument. But you will also be able to see the modern samples of Kyrgyz architecture: Manas monument, monument of Courage, the monuments of akyns (Kyrgyz poets), manaschi (Kyrgyz Manas legend tellers) and local rulers of different times. The interesting fact is that Bishkek is the only town in Central Asia that still has the monument of V. I. Lenin on the central square.

Bishkek remembers its history and will definitely tell it to everybody who wants to visit this small but cozy capital. The town is also known to be the most ecological town of the world due to a lot of green parks keeping the shadow and coolness even on the hottest summer day.

Day 2. Bishkek – Kochkorka – Son-Kul. 

In the morning we will continue our way. We will see the amazing change of landscapes like in kaleidoscope. We will drive to Kochkorka village where we will have lunch and see the crafts show. You will see how Kyrgyz people make their carpets and will have a chance to visit the handicrafts museum where you may even buy some souvenirs for your relatives and friends. After that we will be transferred to an amazing mountain lake Son-Kul which is opened only in summer as all the roads and the lake itself is covered with snow for the rest of the year. Dinner and overnight in local yurts.

Day 3 – 8. Son-Kul

One week at Son-Kul lake. You will dip into the life of real Nomads. You will be able to see how they live and what they do. You will be able to go with the herds, cook Kyrgyz national dishes, live like Kyrgyz people lived many centuries ago. You will be an absolute nomad.

Son-Kul is located on the height of 3013 m above the sea level, as the lake is so high situated it is covered with ice almost the whole year, only in summer one may enjoy its beauty, get acquainted with the life of modern nomads, live in Kyrgyz yurts and try the national cuisine of these hospitable people. Only in summer they come to Son-Kul jailoo (Kyrgyz pastures), paying tribute to their ancestors, Kyrgyz nomads which were used to moving from one place to another  going up to the mountains with all their cattle in summer and going down to the valley in winter. 

On the shores and on surrounding hills there is a great amount of different kinds of grass, some of them are considered to be curative. But what is really amazing is that there are fields of edelweiss, with their form and structure it seems as if the stars are not there over you but here under your feet and you finally can not only reach them but also pick one up for the person you love.

Day 9. Son-Kul - Bishkek.

We will leave Son-Kul and go back to Bishkek. Arrival. Accommodation.

Day 10. Flight home from “Manas” airport.