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3 days and an amazing lake Issyk-Kul

You have a little time? Then indulge in a fascinating trip to the wonderful mountain lake Issyk-Kul. We will be happy to show you the pearl of our country surrounded by the necklace of high mountains. Blue expanse of the lake each year attracts people to plunge into it, enjoy its coolness and keep an unforgettable impressions on the amazingly beautiful photographs. The lake is waiting for you!

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High mountains and beautiful Issyk-Kul

This tour you will see the contrasts of our country. You will go to the mountains and rest on the beach, you will hike the slopes and swim in a lake, you will breath fresh air and feel the salty waters, you will work and rest, all in 4 days. You will be able to combine two absolutely diffrent branches of rest with the trip we offer you!

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Tour around Issyk-Kul

For those who don't like to sit on one place, for those who like to see more than just the beach we offer the tour around the pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul lake. You will be able to see not only the lake itself but the beautiful nature that surrounds it: Chon-Kemin gorge, Grigoriev gorge, Djeti-Oguz with its massive rock formations "The Heart" and "Seven Bulls", The "Fairy Tale" gorge and much more...

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Issyk-Kul and Son-Kul lakes

Kyrgyzstan is not only a country of mountains but also a country of alpine lakes. The origin of the lakes is different: tectonic lakes , erosion lakes, glaciation lakes and karstric lakes. Some lakes reach the size of small seas but some are not even mapped because of their tiny size. The beauty of many lakes is so unusual, that local people invented legends about their origins. On this tour you will be able to see two biggest lakes in Kyrgyzstan which are so different from each other...

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East and West of Kyrgyzstan in 11 days

This tour will show you how different the Kyrgyzstan may be based on the location. If the eastern part of the country has Issyk-Kul lake and is a tourist zone, the western part of the country is absolutely wild and humanless. Wide steppe Suusamyr in the west has only rare yurts and local houses on the huge territory which is absolutely different from the shores of Issyk-Kul lake where all the hotels and guest houses are full of people...

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Ethnographic tour

You would like to not only see the life of Kyrgyz nomads but be a part of their life. You would like to know how people in our country cook national dishes, make Kyrgyz national carpets, how they place national houses - yurts and see how different is their life from ours. We are giving you an opportunity to feel yourself a real nomad and live with the local family on Son-Kul lake for the whole week...

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