Bike tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Bike tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is an unforgettable 14-day traveling. This is an amazing and interesting journey which will impress you greatly!

Everything starts in the city of Bishkek. First day upon arrival you will meet with the capital of  Kyrgyzstan with its sights and architecture. Next you will get acquainted with the Kyrgyz mountains. Introduction starts from the Kyrgyz Range slopes located on the south side of the capital. 

We will visit them on the second day during an acclimatization biking. Next we delve into the Issyk-Kul region which is surrounded by two mountain ranges - Kungei on the north and Terskey on the south. Heading west we will visit the Grigoriev Gorge.  It is the longest gorge in Kungei around 35 km.

Here we will visit two mountain lakes with crystal clear and ice-cold water. It is not surprising since the water flows into the lakes from the very glaciers. Next we will head to the town of Karakol which is well known for its tourist attractions such as: the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church and the Dungan Mosque which were once built without a single nail. As well as museums and buildings that carry a spirit of early settlers.

Our way will continue to the internal Tien Shan.  First an unforgettable descent along the picturesque Kichi-Naryn river bank.  A kaleidoscope of colors and landscapes, the diversity of flora from the dense spruce forests covering the mountains of Terskei to the juicy alpine meadows in the Susamyr Valley and around Son- Kul Lake strike imagination! The picturesque Kekemeren River and the At-Bashy Range all this will be combined in this tour. Many other interesting things lie ahead!

You will have a great time and the most important thing is that you will be able to store a piece of our Kyrgyz Mountains in pictures and in your heart!

Best time: June-September

Activity: Bike tour with vehicle support, ethnography. 
Duration: 14 days

Days  Program  Accommodation Meals 
Day 1

Bishkek. Manas International Airport.

Hotel B/L/D
Day 2 Cycling in the Alamedin Gorge. Hotel B/L/D
Day 3 Transfer to Tokmok, cycling in Kalinovka village. Cholpon-Ata. Guest house B/L/D
Day 4 Transfer by car to the Grigoriev Gorge. Cycling to the mountain lakes.  Tents  B/L/D
Day 5 Cycling to the Semenov Gorge. Transfer to Karakol town. Guest house B/L/D 
Day 6 In morning city tour in Karakol.Transfer to Tosor, cycling (20 km). Tens B/L/D
Day 7 Cycling to the Malyi Naryn River. Tents  B/L/D
Day 8 Malyi Narin - Naryn town. Tents B/L/D
Day 9 Naryn - Son-Kul Lake. Yurt B/L/D 
Day 10 Day at Son-Kul Lake. Yurt B/L/D
Day 11 Descent from Lake Song-Kul to Chaek village. Guest house B/L/D 
Day 12 Cycling along the KekemerenRriver to the Suusamyr Valley. Camping B/L/D 
Day 13 Transfer to Bishkek. Hotel B/L/D 
Day 14 Departure.   B/-/-/ 




Quotation for group: 

2 persons in the group   –  USD 2482 per person

4 persons in the group   –  USD 1956 per person

6 persons in the group   –   USD 1531 per person

8 persons in the group    –  USD 1319 per person

10 persons in the group -   USD 1192 per person 

12 persons and more        - USD 1107 per person

Single Supplement – USD 207 per person

The price includes:                                                         

1) Transport according to the program
2) English speaking guide
3) Cook
4) Trekking tents for accommodation
5) Accommodation according to the program
6) Three meals a day during the program

The price does not include:

1) Equipment rental
2) Personal expenditures
3) Insurance
4) Changes in the program
5) Bicycle  rental



Best time: June-September
Activity: Bike tour with vehicle support
Duration: 14 days

Day 1. Arrive in Bishkek. Meeting at Manas International Airport of Bishkek city. Transfer to the hotel. After having rest you may enjoy city tour of Bishkek, a capital of Kyrgyzstan. You may enjoy simple soviet architecture of the city. You will visit the enormous Ala-Too square which affords fantastic view of snow peaks of the Kyrgyz Ridge, green parks, Oriental bazaar and many other sights. (B / L / D)

Day 2. After breakfast departure for acclimatization in the Alamedin Gorge. (60-70 km). Return to Bishkek. Overnight in the hotel. (B / L / D)

Day 3. Bishkek - Tokmok - Kalinovka village - Cholpon-Ata (Lake Issyk-Kul). Transfer to Tokmak town by vehicle (70 km, one hour). The beginning of our biking will be at the Burana Tower site. From there we continue our way to the village of Kalinovka, cycling through the village we continue to move in a south-west direction. After some time we will enter the Shamsi Gorge and at the end we will descend back to Tokmok (60-70 km). Drive to Cholpon-Ata (190 km, 3 hours) by vehicle. Accommodation in the hotel. (B / L / D)

Day 4. Cholpon-Ata - Grigoriev Gorge. Today we will not start very early. We can afford ourselves to swim in the lake and have a delicious breakfast and then we will drive to another place. The most beautiful mountain lakes in the Grigoriev Gorge are waiting for us. We will reach the gorge by the vehicle and then sit on our iron horses and begin the accent into the gorge. The Grigoriev Gorge is very picturesque. The road runs along a mountain river with crystal clear water, the slopes of the gorge are covered with fur forest. In the upper part the valley widens forming the alpine pastures.  Right here one may find hidden and incredibly beautiful mountain lakes. Today we'll have a camp on the shores of Lake Chon-Aksu. (B / L / D).

Day 5. Early next morning we will bike to the second lake located a bit higher than the first.  Those who will have a desire will be able to take a dip in its crystal clear water. Next we will go down where the road goes to the next Semenov Gorge. We will go by the serpentine road up to the Kok-Bel Pass (2360 m) and then go down the gorge to main road. Then the vehicle will take us to the town of Karakol where we will accommodate in a hotel and in the evening we can share our impressions and see the photos. (B / L / D)

Day 6. In the morning Karakol city tour. Then transfer by the vehicle to the valley of Tosor (112 km). From the main road we will begin to cycle up the mountain road  (about 20 km). Overnight in tents. (B / L / D)

Day 7. This day will be a very interesting one. We continue on our bike tour heading to the Malyi Naryn River. We will drive by a scenic road. On the way we will see many small lakes and picturesque meadows that seem endless covered with flowers. Overnight in  tents  (B / L / D)

Day 8. Malyi Naryn -  Naryn town. After breakfast we start our journey heading to the city of Naryn. Accommodation in a guest house. (B / L / D)

Day 9. Naryn - Lake Son-Kul. Today we will start cycling from the city of Naryn to the great mountainous lake called Son-Kul. We will start in the northern direction to the mountain Dolon Pass (3030 m).  After being ascented the pass we will go west toward Son-Kul. Ahead of us there will be one more pass - Kalmak-Ashu (3446 m) . Having overcome all the obstacles we will find ourselves on the shores of Lake Son-Kul at 3013 m. Accommodation in yurts, national dwelling of nomads. (B / L / D)

Day 10. Today we will spend all day at Son-Kul going round the lake. Lake Son-Kul is the second biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Surrounded by the magnificent snowy peaks it is hidden in the bowl like valley. Standing outside there is always an impression that you are under the very sky and the stars, that you can reach out a hand and catch one. In the night looking at the stars their proximity can be breathtaking. This lake is a summer pasture for local shepherds and a haven for modern nomads. Overnight in yurts. (B / L / D)

Day 11. We will spend this morning on the shores of Lake Son-Kul. As only here we can get acquainted with a life of real nomads and observe their everyday life. At lunch time we will start our drive to the Kara-Keche Pass (3384 m). After breathtaking descent from the pass you will see open mines of the Kara-Keche lignite deposit. We will ride later along the area called Chaek. You will definitely remember this last descent. Its 15 km long distance that goes down for 600 m. We will spend this night in a guest house in Chaek village. (B / L / D)

Day 12. We will continue our bike journey along the valley of the Kekemeren River. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in Kyrgyzstan. Its banks have a great diversity of colors and landscapes. Somewhere it runs in a narrow rock canyon, somewhere it washes red clay slopes and somewhere it slips in a picturesque gentle valley. We will drive by car from Kekemeren to the mountains of the Suusamyr Valley. Tonight we will sleep in tents. (B / L / D)

Day 13.  Return to Bishkek (about 250 km) along the tunnel of the Tue-Ashuu Pass (3586 m). Accommodation in a hotel. We will fix our bikes in the evening and enjoy last evening having a good dinner in a friendly company. (B / L / D)

Day 14. Departure. (B/-/-)