Fann Mountains

"Mountains and water" that's how ancient Chinese imagined the harmony to be. Indeed, the high snow-capped peaks and the calm surface of lakes have always encouraged people and made them come back to these places again and again. There are few such places left on earth, and every year they become less and less. One of them is Fann Mountains.

Fann Mountains are located in the southwest of the Pamir-Alai at the region of Hissar and Zeravshan ranges. In Soviet times, no mountain district was more popular than Fann. Every climber knew such names as Chimtarga, Bodhona and Mira. In the difficult times of post-Soviet ruin the area was cut off from climbing and undeservedly forgotten. Fortunately, there were enthusiasts and in 1995 Moscow company "Vertical" bought five hectares of land from the Government of Tajikistan and began to build a mountain camp. From 1998 until now, under the leadership of the permanent head of the camp Arefieva a lot was done.

 Now IMTC Vertical - Alaudin is a small camp in the mountains. From the highway to the camp a dirt road of 30 km long was made. The cabins for guests and dining were built, there is electricity and hot water in the camp, a big library of routes descriptions and the office of equipment rental can be found here. On the base there is a dining hall for every taste. 

An excellent relationship with the local population is astablished, here lives and works Tajik branch of the "vertical", who has all necessary documents and communications, who is responsible for the safety of tourists in Tajikistan. For over 15 years there has been working a proven scheme of meeting the participants with various requests from regular climbers to high-level groups of tourists. The base has its own vehicles.

For many years here was held the hampionship among CIS countries in mountaineering rock climbing class, various festivals and gatherings, we are actively cooperating with many mountaineering clubs in Russia and abroad.

All visitors of the Fann Mountains can count on our help in case of any emergency situations. On the base there is always a safe group and an experienced instructor. 

Also, we will work to find ways to ensure the helicopter evacuation. In a joint program of PAR and the UK "Consent" we will establish contacts with the Tajik insurance companies. 

In 2014 it is planned to start another project. We want to make camp near the rocky ground, where there will be room for both classes of rock and trad routes. It is also planned to launch a project on labeling descents of problematic vertices (for example Chapdara).

Come and visit our site for travel, climbe and just for a great vacation in the mountains. We are waiting for you in 2014.

The program can be changed because of weather conditions or conditions of the trail.

Price for 2 people  – 760 euro per person.  

4 pax- 540 euro per person 

Price includes:

- Transfer (4x4) Dushanbe – Alaudin – Dushanbe
- OVIR registration in Dushanbe
- All local taxes
- Accommodation in cottage (twin room, and rooms for 4 pax), hot shower in the evening
- 3 times meals in Alaudin dining room, for hiking you need to have food with you
- Group equipment: ice screws, ropes
- Tents (1 for 2 pax),
- gas cartridge,
- gas burns, dishes
- Donkeys for trekking to Kulikolonskie and Mytnye lakes
- The group will be guided by professional guide 

Price excludes:

- International flight
- Insurance (30000 USD)
- Alcohol drinks and other personal purchases  

Recommended age – 18-60 years
Recommended to have climbing experience

Necessary personal equipment:

- High altitude boots
- Helmet
- Harness   (for rent at Alaudin – 2 euro per day)
- Ice axe   (for rent at Alaudin – 2 euro per day)
- Crampons
- Carabines – 3
- Bag back 40-50 L
- Mittens for carrying belay rope  
- Gaiters
- Sleeping bag
- Mattress
- Warm hat and gloves
- Down jacket
- Waterproof jacket
- Hiking boots
- Sunglasses
- Headlight
- Sun burn cream (SPF 30-40)
- Dishes: (cup, spoon, plate)
- Documents: passport, tickets, climbing documents, pocket monet (100 - 150 USD)

Trekking and climbing in Fann Mountains, summer 2014

Best period:  01 July – 20 August 


Day 1. Flight Moscow – Dushanbe, Transfer to Dushanbe – IATC Vertical-Alaudin (2650m ). Overnight in cottage 

Day 2. Acclimatization hiking,  Overnight in cottage Vertical-Alaudin

Day 3. Acclimatization hike to Kulikolonskie lakes over Laudan Pass 3625 m (6-7 hours). Overnight in tent at Kulikolonskie lakes

Day 4. Trekking Kulikolony - Vertical-Alaudin. Overnight in cottage Alaudin

Day 5. Preparations for the hike to Mytnye Lakes, Overnight in cottage Alaudin

Day 6. Hiking to Mytnye lakes 3450m (4 hours), Overnight in tents

Day 7. Ascent to FIS top 4200m (1B category) Overnight in tent at Mytnye lakes

Days 8-9. Ascent to Zamok peak 5075m (2B category), or Energia peak (2B category), hiking back to Alaudin, overnight in cottage.

Day 10. Extra day for bad weather conditions.

Day 11. Breakfast-transfer Alaudin-Dushanbe

Day 12. Flight Dushanbe - Moscow

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